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S.A. Noire Chapter 1 - Patrol Desk

By alifjenius

John Lemon is an ex-army from San Andreas Civil War in 2009. He used to be the personnel of 101st Army Batallion, which was famous because only 4 personnels were survived the war. After the war ended, he lived peacefully in town of Las Barrancas

2009 was a dark year for San Andreas, but now, 2011, the year become darker than ever. With traitors spread all over San Andreas, crime rate raise dramatically, people died evey day (i think it's usual), and corrupt polices everywhere...

2011, John still live peacefully in Las Barrancas. But a sound of gunshot change his peaceful life forever...

You can see the detail explanation in http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=485561

Enjoy the chapter 1 !


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Added by Secronom President on Oct 17 2011, 19:28
As I said when I rated it, great job. This story is awesome. :)
Added by AnDReJ98 on Oct 17 2011, 20:22
Not bad.
Added by alifjenius on Oct 18 2011, 15:07
@Secronom President & A(n)drEj! : Thanks a lot for the comments, guys ! Especially Secronom for rated this missions pack for 5 stars
Added by Secronom President on Nov 05 2011, 02:31
Moved from Storylines to Missions, as requested by alifjenius.
Added by Heisenberg_GR on Apr 30 2015, 02:42
I want to play your missions but the archive is broken. Fix it man!

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