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The Runaway Complete [ZIP File]

By Jimmy_Leppard

This is the ZIP File with all the missions of my latest mission series called ''The Runaway''. I uploaded this so that you don't have to click 32 times to download the missions seperately. In the ZIP File you'll find 4 folders, each representing a chapter with all the chapter missions in it.

Enjoy and give me feedback in this topic --> http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=488535


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PLAYThe Runaway TrailerJimmy_LeppardAug 14 2014, 21:07
"The Runaway Trailer"
Rated 8 times, Average 4.63

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Added by Secronom President on Sep 30 2012, 09:30
Pinned as winner of the 2012's Best Mission Pack award.
Added by Soelkanu on Oct 05 2012, 16:50
c'mon...where is the rest of the part......i really like it ;)
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Oct 08 2012, 16:34
I'm sorry, but what do you mean by the rest of the part? That's the whole mission pack :)
Added by Soelkanu on Oct 09 2012, 12:26
Well...i mean when i played the last misson General says he want to eliminate Jeff and to be continued......so next? :)
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Oct 09 2012, 12:53
You're supposed to download ''The_Runaway.zip'' file in the upper right corner. When you download it, you have 4 folders representing the 4 chapters of the series with 8 missions in each folder. If you want to play the first chapter, you open the chapter 1 folder, copy all the 8 .dat files in it to your GTA SA user files and play them in game. After you finish it, delete the 8 .dat files from your GTA SA user files, go to chapter 2 folder, copy all 8 .dat files in it to GTA SA user files
Added by 000McKing on Oct 22 2012, 22:29
OMG your mission is AWSUM/FUCK/COOL/YEAH/FUN/BREATHTAKING/COOL. You got a 5 star rating from me :D
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Oct 26 2012, 08:01
Thanks, man :)
Added by srbin97 on Oct 26 2012, 15:52
Great. 5 stars ;)
Added by daniels0010 on Nov 09 2012, 15:56
Please, can you tell me how you make your missions auto run!? When I load your missions it's starting the missions. Please tell me how to do that! Great missions anyway. 5 star rating:)
Added by frankenstein on Nov 10 2012, 17:29
were 2 dwnload
Added by Taruvar on Nov 15 2012, 17:27
Man you are Awesome.Nice missions i really enjoyed.
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Nov 19 2012, 22:49
Thanks guys, thanks a lot :)

@ daniels0010 - When you finish making your mission, just go to the mission menu and click publish mission. It's in the same menu as the Play, Load and Save button :)
Added by Terasss on Dec 02 2012, 02:58
Your storyline is f*****g awesome. I know, I shouldn't swear but I have no other words to describe the storyline. Well done!!! 5 Stars.
Added by danik18 on Dec 06 2012, 13:38
Jimmy you made the best storyline i have ever played in DYOM.You are AWESOME!Well i am sorry of Lue because he died.Great Mission
Added by MC_NB_CJ on Dec 09 2012, 09:02
Great Story and camera directions......................Thumps UP for you
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Dec 10 2012, 14:41
Wow, thanks a lot, guys. I appreciate your feedbacks and I'm really glad you liked the mission pack :)
Added by GtBorg on Dec 15 2012, 02:38
the best missions pack in my opinion thanks Jimmy :)
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Dec 15 2012, 21:56
Thanks a lot, GtBorg ;)
Added by Vladmir on Dec 28 2012, 23:45
Great, great series. Had a ton of fun playing through and enjoying the plot.
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Dec 29 2012, 12:17
Thanks a lot, Vladimir :)
Added by souvik on Jan 01 2013, 17:35
this mission is awesome!
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jan 01 2013, 21:33
Thanks a lot, friend. I'm glad you liked the series :)
Added by Mora_Hannover on Jan 03 2013, 15:07
The Best StoryLine I Played In My Life
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jan 03 2013, 22:18
Thanks man :) I appreciate it ;)
Added by akshay2001 on Jan 20 2013, 19:23
That's so awesome and amazing
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jan 22 2013, 12:05
Thanks a lot, man ;)
Added by Zohair Irani on Jan 25 2013, 11:19
I played your series , but I have a doubt in that.
Added by Ravenclaw on Jan 26 2013, 14:37
Your missions are superb...BTW i was the 1000th dowloader!
Added by Omar57844 on Feb 02 2013, 00:05
BB Codes Off
Added by MC_NB_CJ on Feb 06 2013, 09:46
That Is A Good Story Bro................ Respect!!
Added by danik18 on Mar 02 2013, 09:42
Added by akshay2001 on Mar 05 2013, 20:15
Someone copied your missions

Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Mar 18 2013, 15:15
Thanks a lot, guys :)
Added by 4THorizontal on Mar 25 2013, 15:25
Hey Jimmy!!! :D :D...i've play ur mission in chapter 1 to chapter 4 and it freakinZ awesome!!!:D.... i think jeff will die with general mill...and he can escape in just 1 minutes.....please make more missions.... thankyou! 5 StAR..:D
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Mar 26 2013, 18:45
Thanks a lot, 4THorizontal for such kind words :) If you liked this mission pack, go to gtaforums.com and find more of my mission packs ;)
Added by Khausar_Shahrizal on Mar 28 2013, 01:22
hey dude :D...why you not make the trailer for this mission pack...? everyone who watch this will want to play it if they see the good trailer...and the other one....where i can download the other DYOM missions you made? it really awesomezz...and maybe we can made dyom missions together... to be more fun...thankyou... sorry for long post
Added by Highqualitygaming19 on Mar 28 2013, 14:07
Why the 1st mission looks like from a movie Most Wanted 1997?
Added by justgames114 on Apr 12 2013, 12:20
hey jimmy can you teach me how to make the actor shoot that you forced to shoot not like your its enemy its just shoot
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Apr 26 2013, 16:56
@Khausar - Yeah, well, I don't know. A few guys wanted to make a trailer for this MP, but then they said they couldn't, so I just left it like this. I don't have time to make the trailer, so I guess this will stay trailer-less :)

@Highqualitygaming19 - I don't know, man. I never watched the movie
Added by Highqualitygaming19 on May 01 2013, 18:23
who is mystery man is it gordon am not sure ????
Added by Highqualitygaming19 on May 04 2013, 00:51
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on May 05 2013, 14:39
I don't want to spoil anyone's playing of this mission pack ;)
Added by Highqualitygaming19 on May 08 2013, 23:28
but i still need the answer i have completed this pack tell me something private chat maybie?
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on May 09 2013, 11:28
Send me a PM on GTAForums.com - http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showuser=526774
Added by xray360 on May 18 2013, 00:48
Added by ramonce09 on May 23 2013, 07:43
Emontional , Great , Awsome ,and Nice Endings
5 stars
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on May 23 2013, 16:25
Thanks a lot, guys, it's nice to see it really got through to people :)
Added by deepanshu on May 29 2013, 11:12
your mission just dosent work.
it shows no file present.
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on May 31 2013, 20:25
Perhaps you don't have CLEO 3 installed?
Added by pramod456 on Jun 03 2013, 19:18
why gta san andreas crashing while playing your mission?
is there any solution?
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jun 03 2013, 22:59
Well, there are couple of them as I could think of. First is that you have the wrong CLEO installed. You're supposed to have CLEO 3 installed and the version 5.0 or higher of DYOM to support this mission pack. you have all that properly installed, perhaps you've got a weak PC :/
Added by pramod456 on Jun 05 2013, 08:51
thanks for your suggestions dude.it worked
by the way your mission is awesome
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jun 05 2013, 10:31
Thanks dude :) I'm glad I could help
Added by Fever105 on Jun 07 2013, 07:53
@Jimmy...why they want to kill jeff?...but jeff work with them...?
Added by Lockmane12 on Jun 07 2013, 09:32
Awesome story, very well done, had me interested throughout!
5 Stars all the way
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jun 08 2013, 10:42
@Fever105 - In the first mission of the series, Jeff refuses the direct order of the General. He didn't want to kill an innocent teenager and because of that, the General wanted to kill him.

@Lockmane12 - Thanks a lot, man :)
Added by Rendy Specter on Jun 18 2013, 15:13
@Jimmy how did you upload zipped missions please reply at http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/5428
Added by Rendy Specter on Jun 19 2013, 01:24
Damn I Cant update my zipped missions why the format is wrong,but when i try to upload once its sucessful WHY!!!!!
Added by king 697 on Jun 25 2013, 18:35
good mission
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jun 26 2013, 13:54
Thanks, man :)
Added by Sec. on Jul 01 2013, 19:14
So,what? What`s next? Becouse that final mission in final chapter hasn`t an End. It say`s to be Contiuned or estimated or something like this shit.
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jul 02 2013, 11:31
That's the end :) One mission before the last mission said ''To be concluded'' which is the same as ''The next mission is an ending mission'' ;)
Added by Khausar_Shahrizal on Jul 20 2013, 17:23
Hey jimmy, hav u make any other missions i want ply it!
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jul 22 2013, 17:12
Sure I am, dude. Here is the link to all of my mission packs so far. In there you'll find all the links to the original topics of them. :) http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=473455
Added by SKyeLine on Aug 09 2013, 17:24
Wow, nice storyline, its fucking awesome!.... rated 5 stars :)
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Aug 09 2013, 22:17
Thanks man :)
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Aug 09 2013, 22:18
Also, I'm sorry to everyone who I didn't reply to about the questions regarding this MP.
Added by SKyeLine on Aug 11 2013, 00:17
Idk, when I install CLEO 3 my game crashes, and when I delete CLEO 3, it still crashes, damn :(, help please! (It wasnt from the mission (something in my Gta San Andreas))
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Aug 11 2013, 22:52
You should re-install your whole GTA SA game, especially if you have any mods installed. CLEO 3 works best with the newest version of DYOM and that's it. If you have any mods installed, re-install the whole game and then it should work fine :)
Added by SKyeLine on Aug 15 2013, 09:26
Oh, I'll try it!, thanks any way :)
Added by Khausar_Shahrizal on Aug 27 2013, 14:21
Hey Jimmy, I'm now in making a chapter mission...can you give me some advice...about making a success mission...? i dont care if a little but more is good..thankyou :)
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Aug 27 2013, 14:39
Hey, dude. Well, I'm kinda in a rush now, but hit me up with a PM on GTAForums. If you're registered there, here's the link to my profile, just send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showuser=526774 Ask what you want me to help you with
Added by Rendy Specter on Sep 01 2013, 01:17
very cool mission,because of you and AZNkei's video about TSOLR I could firstly know about DYOM you really inspired me alot,and when I play evacuating the city,the soldier that patrol north and south spotted me,and I shot him with suppresed 9mm til 0 and I forced to knock him until he is fallen into Jizzy's Strip culb roof,but unfortunately I also fell in there after I kicked him to the ground so I killed him first and return back via Jizzy's strip club lol
Added by Rendy Specter on Sep 01 2013, 01:18
anyone know how to rate a mission please tell me?
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Sep 01 2013, 09:04
Hey, man, thanks on the comment :) Lol, I guess that was fun :D Anyway, on the right of the screen, you have the download box, underneath you have Upload statistics and under that ''Rating'' and stars beside it. You just put you mouse above that stars and a box should open where you can click how many stars you'd give to a certain MP :)
Added by Rendy Specter on Sep 12 2013, 12:43
why each time i clicked on the stars the site just won't confirm the changes?
Added by Rendy Specter on Sep 12 2013, 12:58
4 stars from me great dialogues,truely the runaway,funny quote from jeff after he beat up the punks when in the first time.
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Sep 14 2013, 13:22
Thanks, man :D
Added by chiheb khaled on Sep 15 2013, 15:17
i liket i finished
Added by SKyeLine on Oct 09 2013, 20:04
Jimmy, its still crashing :(
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Oct 14 2013, 09:27
Well, maybe you should try installing CLEO 4 then
Added by Rendy Specter on Oct 14 2013, 12:17
Man,I hope i could finish my NLAMS and could beat yours The Runaway for one day!looool
Added by SparkNewman on Oct 20 2013, 16:42
What to say. This missionpack is just AWESOME, The only missions that really excited me. For the story, It's great just great. 5 stars ofc.
Added by Rendy Specter on Nov 10 2013, 11:13
Jim I've completed yours the runaway,and I really the mission where you have to knock down the 4 bikers hahahah,kinda remind me about my unusual morning hahahaha I knocked 'em down like a boss lol,man you should try my NLAMS series because that mission can be better than your The runaway please give feedback
Added by Rendy Specter on Nov 10 2013, 11:15
you can download my NLAMS here:
Added by Rendy Specter on Nov 14 2013, 11:46
Jim how could you make a route for circling around the room just like what you did in your the conference? i want to know because long time ago I want to make that route for my night at the hotel(mission in NLAMS) and i was just failed :(
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Nov 14 2013, 19:26
I used the Loop function in the route selection. :)
Added by Rendy Specter on Nov 14 2013, 23:27
But even using loop route,he was only moved 3 point how could you placed 4 points(to patrol around)?did you also put 1 point in his first position?
Added by Rendy Specter on Nov 14 2013, 23:36
i mean he just like after his last position he walked back(with the reverse of his route) to his first position instead of patroling around the room.
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Nov 15 2013, 22:02
Well, that's what a loop means. It's the same thing in my mission. Just add the first route point and lead the actor to certain points of his route then at the last route point click L to turn on the loop function.
Added by phillip010 on Nov 17 2013, 12:27
no. 1 my brotha
Added by Rendy Specter on Dec 02 2013, 12:44
5 stars for my big inspirator (Jimmy Leppard) and this great mission pack,well done!
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Dec 03 2013, 11:13
Thanks, guys :)
Added by TTT-300 on Dec 29 2013, 19:27
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 02 2014, 22:59
This is my favourite storyline in dyom very awesome man:-D
Added by Richard Suha on Jan 08 2014, 14:56
Best Mission I ever Played :) Cool Brother
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jan 12 2014, 18:51
Thanks, guys. :)
Added by MRxX7mOoDXx on Jan 22 2014, 15:14
good missions
Added by MRxX7mOoDXx on Jan 22 2014, 16:55
good missions
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jan 23 2014, 09:35
Thanks, bro :)
Added by PolskiAsasyn on Jan 27 2014, 11:52
It was AWESOME playing this all missions. I hope you can do more great missions like THIS missions. Good luck!
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jan 27 2014, 21:09
Hey, thanks a lot :)
Added by Behroz Hyder on Feb 04 2014, 12:59
Oh, so much comments and rating i think it is cool i am going to download it!!!!!!!
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Feb 05 2014, 11:16
Thanks, man. I'm looking to your feedback afterwards then :)
Added by GrooveX on Feb 12 2014, 16:54
Awesome,Amazing,great (MP) I have ever played in whole DYOM :-D
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Feb 13 2014, 19:50
Thanks, GrooveX, I appreciate it :)
Added by Jazztin 033 on Feb 16 2014, 09:24
I really liked the mission man, I mean, the cutscenes and the objectives are GREAT!!!
Added by 5445 on Feb 20 2014, 12:27
Amazing i finished the first chapter now chapter 2 THE TEAM :D
Added by Dragorise!! on Feb 23 2014, 11:05
Nice dude you make my day
Thanks :)
Added by Varun and Ajay on Mar 27 2014, 07:37
Hey I like your mission a lot
Added by Jean felipe on Mar 30 2014, 20:11
eu sou brasileiro e gostei das missoes *@*
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Apr 02 2014, 21:40
Thanks a lot, guys :)
Added by RigbyWilson on May 05 2014, 03:30
5 Stars!
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on May 05 2014, 13:54
Thanks :)
Added by Ary405090 on Jul 06 2014, 07:05
this is fuckin' awesome! 5*
Added by Suhail on Jul 06 2014, 09:26
Awesome ! unlimited Stars :D :D :D :D :D :D
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jul 07 2014, 18:40
Thanks, guys :)
Added by Hirenk on Jul 21 2014, 06:26
bro you rock...awesome and. best mission dude full five stats..:-):-):-)
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jul 22 2014, 15:49
Thanks, bro, I appreciate it :D
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Aug 14 2014, 21:08
Trailer added.
Added by POPHero24 on Aug 16 2014, 15:47
hey bro how did you create many mission in one link
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Aug 16 2014, 16:32
@POPHero24 - I put them in a ZIP file and just uploaded the ZIP file here :)
Added by sameer on Oct 27 2014, 07:46
One Of MY Favorite Mission
Check Out My Mission Too
SuperNatural Chapter 1
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Oct 27 2014, 20:09
Thanks a lot, man :)
Added by Fathan Ajja on Nov 04 2014, 13:02
Nice mission Jimmy :D
Plz make another mission
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Nov 05 2014, 09:27
Thanks on your comment, Fathan :) However, as I said a long time ago, The Runaway series isn't gonna be expanding. The story ends after the 32nd mission because I think there's no need to prolong the story since it was finished on a high note if you ask me. However, there are other projects I have finished since then, you can check it on my profile :) Cheers !
Added by Incredible Jojo on Nov 18 2014, 12:45
I am new in DYOM,I would like to learn dyom tricks from you
man.Have you uploaded any tutorial?
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Nov 19 2014, 08:40
Nah, man. I'm not into doing tutorials mostly beacuse I have very little free time. However, there are many awesome tutorials from other great designers around here, just look it up :)
Added by Milo Drink on Dec 01 2014, 10:01
Nice mission I been played this whole mission about 5 times when I have no missions to download here sometimes 10/10 my friend, I need a question for you man, when I created up to 80 actor in the same time, but in final part I will finish the whole mission they become rocks or they become something I can't tell about the details, and also they don't move and also when you attack them they won't dissappear the objectives it cannot complete, please reply thanks a lot bro.
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Dec 01 2014, 11:19
Hey, man, thanks a lot on your comment, I appreciate it very much :) I'm glad you liked it so much that you re-played it 5 times. Well, about your question.. It's not good to create so many actors at once. It's not strange that you can't finish the mission. DYOM isn't stable enough for that much actors spawning at once, especially if you have CLEO v 4.3. It's very unstable. First you should install CLEO v 4 or 4.1, those are the most stable ones. Second of all, reduce the number of a
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Dec 01 2014, 11:19
actors spawned at the same time. I never spawn more than 10 actors at the same time. Hope that helps. Cheers.
Added by Milo Drink on Dec 06 2014, 16:43
@Jimmy_Leppard thanks for the advice man i'm still trying to get the perfect story for to do but its no easy to create a story of a mission, but keep it up the good work, and oh by the way man what the maximum of actor so the game will not crash. :)
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Dec 07 2014, 22:58
No problem, man. Good luck. :) I would advise you to keep the actor number under 90.
Added by gunrunner on Dec 11 2014, 21:02
there some really really great dyom makers and you are one of them. thanks and keep up the good work :)
Added by Pratham on Jan 11 2015, 13:49
why it is not downloading???????
please tell me
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jan 11 2015, 19:18
You just click at the download link named The Runaway under the ''Download'' section and save the ZIP file to desktop.
Added by XxDragonSharKxX on Jan 27 2015, 07:23
nice mission 5 stars
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jan 27 2015, 09:07
Thanks, man :)
Added by Sanandreas lover on Feb 14 2015, 18:05
HEy dude whass up!!!!!!
do u have fb acc
Send me friend request jimmy
Vishnu vignesh
By the way ur missions are awesome but they are so short
I need some more action and long missions plssssssss!!!!!!!!!!
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Feb 14 2015, 20:50
Thanks man :) You can try my latest mission pack called ''Edge of High Life''. It might be what you're looking for ;)
Added by Sanandreas lover on Feb 15 2015, 11:29
Oh really
Do you have facebook account
say your profile name
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Feb 15 2015, 13:31
Sorry, man. I have a couple of friends there and it's only my closest friends and family.
Added by Turtle_Prime on Feb 20 2015, 15:10
Nice Runaway Mission 5/5 star my friend... Cheers
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Feb 20 2015, 18:05
@Turtle - Thanks a lot, man :)
Added by maoffense01 on Mar 13 2015, 00:24
Yo,bro!How to join DYOM Contests?
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Mar 13 2015, 07:30
Hey, man. I don't know. You have to register on the GTAForums site and contact the DYOM contest host, but since I'm not into that contests, I don't know who you need to contact, so I can't help you, sorry.
Added by Mr.Unknown on Mar 20 2015, 10:26
Hey,man is there any Crash?
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Mar 20 2015, 11:42
I don't know what you're talking about, man.
Added by Heisenberg_GR on Apr 22 2015, 15:49
Nice series dude! ;)
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Apr 22 2015, 21:16
Thanks a lot on the support :)
Added by ChrizzDG5 on Sep 14 2015, 14:51
5/5 Stars Bro
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Sep 15 2015, 23:33
Thanks, man :D
Added by Alessandro on Oct 24 2015, 18:28
5/5 Stars Bro
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Oct 25 2015, 15:26
Thanks, man :)
Added by Lion kill on Oct 26 2015, 01:03
Jimmy, Ban alessandro already, he is spamming the rating and check your profile and other staff profiles and check alessandro's profile too
Added by Lion kill on Oct 26 2015, 01:04
And I forgot to say I might do a gameplay of this series if you want me to do it
Added by Alessandro on Oct 26 2015, 12:22
Jimmy Leppard Don't Banned Me
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Oct 26 2015, 20:46
@Lion kill - Thanks on your offer, man. However, if you already want to make a gameplay of my mission series, I'd much rather like you to do a gameplay of my latest mission pack ''Edge of High Life'' :)
Added by Eoussama on Feb 02 2016, 15:12
where's the download link ?
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Feb 03 2016, 12:37
It's in the top right hand corner above the upload statistics. ''The_Runaway'' zip
Added by Yash_Mishra on Jun 06 2016, 12:04
Best Mission Pack Ever Im Also Creating Mine Second Mission pack jimmy Could You Help em In making it???il ask how to do in ur profile and can u make tutorials on tutorials page about my asked thing Please?It will Help me A Lot In Mission Creating
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jun 06 2016, 14:20
Thanks for the support. I can't help you infortunately since I'm busy with my personal life.
Added by GYA_water7 on Jun 13 2016, 10:57
Hey Jimmy You are incredible, I cant say anything About the Mission Pack. It is Incredible. You are the best mission Designer in my POV. Please Make more mission packs after the Invisible System.
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jun 14 2016, 12:43
Thanks a lot on your support. :) We'll see if I come back though.
Added by berohandro on Aug 01 2016, 02:09
Amazing missions dude,great work.
5/5 It's very nice just like Edge of High Life
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Aug 01 2016, 11:26
Thanks a lot on the support, man :)

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