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The Shade Of The Destiny [Mission Pack]

By ::The Hunter::

.:The Shade Of the Destiny:.


Tommy a young police officer of the county of stone city
comes in contact with a series of homicides to the how much
strange, all the victims are massacred and cut the feet
up to when his mother is not killed in the same way
of the other victims. After the funeral,
tommy comes to know that, its friend,
James Connor has returned in the city.
This way the two is undertaken toward the traces of the assassin.

For further information gone here


Good Fun =)
You comment and given me a feedback if you want xD


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Added by caio3771 on Jun 20 2012, 18:09
great missionpack man,! contnue like this
Added by ::The Hunter:: on Jun 21 2012, 00:31
Thanks man :)
Do you give me a vote to the mission packs?
Added by Wichitoo on Jun 21 2012, 01:25
Great Job mate, it was a wonderful story, I hope you continue making missions .. Rate 5 for the good work ;)
Added by caio3771 on Jun 21 2012, 02:48
now i votred, sorry if i forgot
your missions are very good!

5 stars
Added by ::The Hunter:: on Jun 21 2012, 18:43
Thanks Friends =)
I am very happy that you are liked the mission packs

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