Mission: (Z HUNTERS) BEGINNING by Vionce_007
Trailer: Z HUNTERS by Vionce_007

45007 new Missions and 1623 new Storylines available for GTA San Andreas

Many people want to make their own missions for GTA San Andreas, but most of them don't have enough SCM-knowledge to actually do it. This modification is made for these people. It allows you to create a new mission ingame, without writing a single line of SCM-script. And you are even able to distribute them to other people.
Create a free account on this website to be able to manage and distribute your work convenient, enabling others to rate and comment on your work.
Also we would like to encourage people who download missions, to rate and comment after playing them, to give some feedback to the mission designers.

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Little Project
Hi, this is Secronom and giving you an update on a little project I came up with a few days ago.

As you know (or not if you are new), there is a trailer field on all mission pages. The aim of this project is to try using it as a walkthrough / playthrough field too. In the next few weeks or months, I will add some videos of me playing and commenting mission packs and missions. If the response is positive, a walkthrough / playthrough section may appear (if we are lucky). If the response is negative, all of the videos I will have added since will be removed from the trailer field and the project will be abandonned.

I hope to hear your feedback on this project on my profile in the comments or in the Designers Lounge .

Cheers, Secronom President
by Secronom President, Oct 21 2016, 17:01
Did you know...
...that DYOM has an average rating of 4,644/5 at GTAGarage?
...that you can use H as shortcut during vehicle selection to only browse heli's?
...that Dumping Grounds missions and storylines can't be rated?
...that you can use "+g+" in ingame text-entry to change the textcolor to green?
...that you can use S as shortcut during vehicle selection to only browse special vehicles?

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A Concern Regarding Mission Language
Dear designers, If you are posting a mission in a language other than English, please make sure to not post it in the English subsection. In other words, make sure that the "English" option is unticked. Failure to comply with the said request will result in your project being removed from the DYOM webpage. Failure to obey to this notice further may result in a ban. Thank you for your understanding. - Rytuklis, DYOM Moderator Team
by Rytuklis, Mar 25 2016, 12:54
Staff Roster Changes
Due to the results of the DYOM Awards 2015 and the inactivity of all others moderators, all inactive moderators will be demoted and two new moderators will be introduced this weekend.

Congratulations to AnDRej98 and Rytuklis for their promotion (to come) to Moderators.

Once again, congrats to both of you and good luck.

The DYOM Staff.
by Secronom President, Jan 18 2016, 21:33
Best Video of 2015
As voted on GTAForums.com, the DYOM Awards 2015 were held and The Tale of Vladimir Reynolds Trailer was voted the best video.

by Secronom President, Jan 18 2016, 21:27
Best Video of 2013-2014
As voted on GTAForums.com, the DYOM Awards 2013-2014 were held. The Chronicles of a Hitman (Trailer) was voted the best video.

by Secronom President, Jan 05 2016, 22:16
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