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LocationThe Netherlands
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Oct 15 '11
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Feb 02 '16
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Driveby testJan 23 2014, 01:0954123341
cutscene blend in demoJan 25 2014, 00:2153543410
Just a testMay 28 2014, 01:0053392621
new testFeb 02 2016, 20:22595520


Added by Deathcaliber on Oct 21 2011, 14:04
hey can i add you on facebook
Added by Blue Ray Team on Oct 30 2011, 20:19
yo PatrickW nice DYOM (Mod) Well im BlackPhantom from "gtaforums.com! I really want to help this Mod + Site i have seen a lot of ppl disrespecting your site rules! but i have reported them! good luck my friend!
Added by Arejai on Dec 17 2011, 08:29
thanks for making the best mod!
Added by DyomDevil on Dec 28 2011, 00:06
you made DYOM so you are the best to handle it.
why aren't you making any missions?i also want to ask
you something.can I make a second account?
Added by ACA!!! on Dec 29 2011, 20:03
Thanks for making this mod. Somebody make mission called kill patrickw - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16443
Are you let him to make this mission?
Added by Secronom President on Jan 04 2012, 15:35
No. I deleted the mission, and banned the user.
Added by ACA!!! on Jan 21 2012, 09:50
Unbann my Account, come on
Added by ACA!!! on Jan 21 2012, 10:27
If you unbann me , i will stop whit trolling, mighty mod, it's Grim Reaper
Added by BANNED on Jan 21 2012, 17:54
I am ban master after all :p
Added by Blue Ray Team on Jan 22 2012, 13:27
eyy PatrickW whasup what's crackin?
Added by MercsFan99 on Jan 25 2012, 22:15
Hey PatrickW, Could you take a look at my missions? They're called "Fist Of Fury"
Added by Nedd111 on Feb 09 2012, 22:29
man, you have done great job with this mod you and dutchy, congrats!!!! But I'm interested will there be any more newer version of DYOM soon??? please answer on my profile :D
Added by daniel mathers on Apr 10 2012, 07:35
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002927004406 U gotta ad me man, add me and hit me back, just to chat , Ur bigest fan this is dan-iel
Added by Galactic on Jun 11 2012, 18:54
Thanks for giving us DYOM it really is the best way to make Mission the way you want.
Added by CLEOMASTER on Jul 10 2012, 09:19
Hey patrick.w remmeber me i am ZAZ MAHALL
Added by Lego2 on Aug 16 2012, 22:57
ei man vc e Portugues???
Added by Lego2 on Aug 16 2012, 22:57
faz mas missoes aeee!!!!!
Added by Mohamed46091 on Aug 21 2012, 21:19
DYOM_developers, that guy (Secronom President) is spamming again on my profile
he made more that 99999999999999 unuseful coments on my missions
and on my profile.

Please delete his comments or ban him.

Thanks for the help.

Also. You got great missions, I'll give feedback soon :}
Added by tufferke on Sep 02 2012, 17:48
Patrick, I posted this on dutchy's account too, but could you make a DYOM for GTA: 3 and GTA: Vice City? I'd really appreciate.

tufferke, DYOM designer
Added by shresht on Sep 15 2012, 11:52
hey i dont know how to make a mission plz tell me
Added by Blue Ray Team on Sep 19 2012, 23:31
Hey PatrickW nice update in DYOM Forums :)! I really like it.!
Added by VergilDD on Sep 22 2012, 08:08
I have made a Video tutorials and a
Trailer for the mission Sex
[Professional], but its not mentioned
in the "Member State" area. Why?
Added by TakerLIVE on Oct 02 2012, 03:15
PatrickW can you please tell me when is DYOM v7 going to release? I am crazy for it!
Added by R1X4FIN on Oct 09 2012, 21:12
how can i install storyline?
Added by Amin997 on Dec 03 2012, 17:10
Added by Amin997 on Dec 03 2012, 17:12
Added by michal50070 on Dec 16 2012, 09:57
Hey, why don't you do more than 2500 health? Should be 5000 and 10000 - that would be great!

Thanks, Michael
Added by Zohair Irani on Dec 27 2012, 16:04
Does dyom crash if we make more than 50 objectives? my mission always crashes..I havent installed any other mods except cleo.....
Added by m240boy on Jan 06 2013, 15:46
Added by CJ Roxxx on Jan 20 2013, 17:27
Hey , Are you an idiot ? people post bad words on my profile and you just keep fucking stare at them .
Added by MC_NB_CJ on Feb 05 2013, 13:34
HELLO! PatrickW I have Made A Mission: 007 Skyfall - They Must Be Dead! I hope You Will Like It. Play It Once.................
Added by King on Feb 07 2013, 05:51
Hi god of DYOM. I want to send my for dyom award 2012 can you help me
Added by King on Feb 08 2013, 17:28
Hi god of dyom .i want to send my mission for dyom competition 2012
Added by prince. on Feb 12 2013, 14:40
Hi pattrickw i want to delete my this id please delete it
Added by prince. on Feb 12 2013, 15:04
Sorry for this comment
unfortunetly this is very big mistake by me
Please dont this delete my id
Added by prince. on Feb 12 2013, 15:12
Please dont delete my id
Added by M0T0RH3@D on Feb 16 2013, 15:38
I can't download the Dyom V70.1
Added by MC_NB_CJ on Feb 18 2013, 13:25
I have submitted a text tutorial which is not submitted yet! Please! I uploaded it 11th february 2013 and it is now 7 Days Running!

Added by guribirring on Apr 06 2013, 05:18
dear admins and Moderators thanx to create dyom softwear thanx alot i use that softwear from a month now learn dyom not for play others mission it's allow to create and play own mission. i want u r help sir or madam plz play my mission and tell my weakpoints thanx for read my comment with respact
Added by VergilDD on Apr 20 2013, 02:44
I found a bug in DYOM v7.01, when i select the fire object and place it somewhere the game crashes! Please fix this bug.
Added by mythkiller on Apr 21 2013, 07:54
i dont mean to disrespect you but youre the maker of this mod so why dont you make your own missions after all no one knows this mod better than you and dutchy3010 right
Added by VergilDD on Apr 23 2013, 16:07
I found the same bug in DYOM v7.02, when i select the fire object and place it somewhere the game crashes! Please fix this bug.
Added by VergilDD on Apr 23 2013, 16:09
Can we change our Usernames in DYOM website?
Added by VergilDD on Apr 26 2013, 16:05
Please visit this page and see if you can answer this problem regarding DYOM Sound: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=552871 ...
Added by King on May 08 2013, 21:20
BBCode Of
Added by LucayOrlando on May 28 2013, 23:06
Hey Who Is The Imbecile Who Makes Kill Patrickw
Added by LucayOrlando on Jun 04 2013, 18:03
hey I Made A Mission That In The End You And Dutchy Appears Like Secondary Characters
Added by KoolBoyMastar on Jun 09 2013, 12:14
Please change my name please to iDragoon
Added by QaiserH on Aug 06 2013, 11:44
Patrick Can You Tell Me How To Became Moderator
Added by pulaski stinking pig on Aug 12 2013, 20:18
thanks for making dyom
Added by MouseRHD on Sep 03 2013, 22:41
i want to suggest the side bars etc ! i can't rate missions!!!
i mean (the mission side bar is not moving so i can rate) impossible fix that plz!!

- make it movable
Added by Chris V on Sep 12 2013, 20:43
We're all looking forward to making a new version with more features DYOM 7.0.3 solved the problem of
Added by Chris V on Sep 12 2013, 20:44
Please see earlier DYOM 7.0.3 released
Added by Chris V on Sep 12 2013, 21:01
We want dyom 7.0.3
Added by Chris V on Sep 12 2013, 21:01
When you create
Added by Chris V on Sep 12 2013, 21:03
Please make early dyom 7.0.3
Added by Chris V on Sep 15 2013, 09:47
In version 7.0.2 you still unresolved problems is still playing out in a patch update us on the final version
Added by Claude on Sep 27 2013, 00:59
Hello Admnin you delete my accounts? Plis

my accounts:

Nicolas Games X


BMX Games

X Games

Nicolas Games 2

Destro Games

Added by Karan55 on Oct 10 2013, 13:52
Hi..........I wanted to ask you that when the Dyom 7 contest winners will be announced...
Added by LazeR on Oct 30 2013, 16:24
Hi, PatrickW. I would to anything to become a admin on the DYOM forum, is that possible? Because I love helping other people if they need it. I look forward to DYOM V8, If it will come out.
Added by Chris V on Nov 22 2013, 18:59
dyom 8 dyom 8 dyom 8 early early early
Added by Chris V on Dec 09 2013, 21:40
very very very thanks for dyom8 beta very thanks thank
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Dec 24 2013, 17:15
hi PatrickW, I've uploaded 2 text tutorials and they were nt displayed fr public yet. It's about 5 months since I uploaded them. Please reply.
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 01 2014, 15:04
hi patrickW, I have uploaded my text tutorial and they were not displayed public yet.Its about 1 month since I have uploaded them.Please reply
Added by ryder nigga on Jan 02 2014, 00:54
hey patrickW i been uploaded one video tutorial and he didn't appeared on my profile. can you put it?
Added by kayraman386 on Jan 28 2014, 11:00
@PatrickW sir can you help me? I can't rate on dyom for missions
Added by Chris V on Feb 25 2014, 12:34
thanks for dyom, 8.1 very very very thanks
Added by Chris V on Feb 25 2014, 12:34
We want dyom 8.2
Added by Chris V on Feb 25 2014, 12:38
give us a latest dyom .
Added by SK Afridi on Mar 28 2014, 12:13
Ho staff I have a problem! Plz dont ignore me my primary ID was 'saqib khan afridi'ii forgot its password so plz move my missions to my ID 'SK Afridi' my ID password is matching with 'saqib123 or whatever'
Added by Kennkielz007 on Apr 01 2014, 08:21
Hi.,, can you help me to solve this problem when i uploading my new mission?? i mean i can`t upload my mission.,, but i always got this message

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@dyom.patrickw.gtagames.nl and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may
Added by marty000123 on Apr 20 2014, 18:43
Verwijder deze missie alsjeblieft!!
Delete this missions please!!

Added by THOM on May 05 2014, 19:10
Can I Ask A Question?? How To Upload A Storyline In Folder
Added by Mateus H. on Jun 10 2014, 16:30
I am Brazilian I want to ask a few things:

- What is the function skip fade?
- Next version of Storyline dyom have better built (if you have more than one mission on the map ex: CJ and S, only appear the next mission after the two are completed!)
- New animations!
- Make tunable car.
- Multiple Animations for Actors. {Example: Walk, car Enter)
- Talking Phone Animation for Actors.
- Freeze Time feature.
- Freeze Time During Mission Designing feature.
- Edit feature CJ's clothes.
- Liberty Ci
Added by Maaz 45 on Jul 19 2014, 12:46
I forgot my password of maaz45 please ban my account i will upload my missions again.
Added by tkst588 on Jul 27 2014, 15:31
Hey, I Am Brazilian And Here In Brazil I Try To Upload My Storylines But Does Internal Server Error Can You FIX It For Me ,I Were Be Greatful
Added by MADARAgamming on Aug 10 2014, 23:23
hey patrick how to upload mission on .zip
Added by Maaz 45 on Aug 31 2014, 13:58
Please join our community:http://culturefourms.createaforum.com/index.php

Added by MaxCity on Oct 10 2014, 00:25
hi patrickw can you and your friend make DYOM for gta vice city?
Added by tareing on Nov 19 2014, 18:57
Thanks For Createing Someting Thats Named DYOM Thanks Man

Added by Fardin on Dec 09 2014, 15:04
Hello,I just joined yesterday PatrickW (With respect)I want some info. about the tutorials section.
Can you answer it as a comment in my profile please?
Added by IX7 on Jan 29 2015, 23:15
Me gustara que esta pagina este en espaol. Tambin tengo un problema con
la instalacin del DYOM V8 y quiero saber como me puedo convertir en
Perdonen mi mal ingles.
I wish that dyom page also in Spanish. Also I have a problem with the
installation of DYOM V8 and let me know how I can become a moderator.
Sorry for my bad english.
Added by KC10a on Feb 01 2015, 16:45
Thanks for makink DYOM !I Love this AWESOME mod!

-How to add a cloths feature to CJ?
Added by JoniGamer1500 on Feb 13 2015, 02:09
Hola amigo gracias por crear este fabuloso mod me gustaria tambien como IX7 que la pagina este en espaol porque yo ingles no se nada gracias.
Added by KC10a on Mar 12 2015, 03:02
Hello! PatrickW.How can I start a new topic in gtaforums.com.please help me
Reply at this profile

Added by KC10a on Mar 12 2015, 03:04
Hello! PatrickW.How can I start a new topic in gtaforums.com.please help me
Reply at this profile

Added by Mateus H. on Jun 16 2015, 13:18
DYOM V(in the GTA V)!!!please...
Added by tkst588 on Jun 29 2015, 05:01
i Have a Suggestion for the Next Version of Dyom
-Multiple Objetives
-Actors Phone Call
-add the "Teleport to car" Action to the Actors
-Better Moving Cutscenes
-Multiple Actor Animations
-Enable Tuning
-Doors That Opens
-Shooting Bettween Actors in Cutscenes
-Kiss Animation to two Actors
Added by Jhandave on Jul 11 2015, 12:14
Hello PatrickW, can you please accept my tutorials:

And Banned this Profile:

Also, please check my reports and check them now
Added by Alessandro on Jul 23 2015, 19:26
Hello PatrickW My Name Alessandro
Added by dyomek on Oct 14 2015, 17:49
Type fucking something asshole ;P
Added by Alessandro on Oct 15 2015, 19:58
Please PatrickW Please Don't Banned Me
Added by dyomek on Oct 16 2015, 20:38
Added by Alessandro on Oct 16 2015, 20:49
Please PatrickW Please Don't Banned Me
Added by Eddy4312 on Nov 10 2015, 01:43
Hey PatrickW,There are a guy by named Alessandro keeping spamming all time,man.I want you just banned you.No matter if he say don't banned him.Just banned,please,man.
Added by Alessandro on Nov 11 2015, 19:26
PatrickW Don't Banned Me
Added by Woodman on Nov 18 2015, 07:40
PatrickW, pls ban Alessandro!
Added by Alessandro on Nov 18 2015, 19:35
PatrickW Don't Banned Me
Added by little penis woodman on Dec 16 2015, 13:59
you suck
Added by Woodman2 on Dec 19 2015, 09:55
Added by Woodman2 on Dec 20 2015, 06:36
Now, don't ban me!
Added by mohamedbedo on Apr 05 2016, 18:41
plz make a dyom v8.2 or dyom v9 plz
Added by The show Games on Apr 23 2016, 04:06
Hello, could change my name to "Beast Games" thank you.
Added by The show Games on Apr 23 2016, 04:07
No, no. Do not change the name changed my mind.
Added by Fire Alex on Apr 25 2016, 12:10
Hello, could change my name to "Merlo Alessandro" thank you.
Added by JibranFakhar on Apr 26 2016, 12:31
Hey DYOM_developers Check out my mission
Robbing the Casino LINK: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41870
Rate and Comment too.

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