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1. The South Side X3
2. San Adreas: Dead Island
3. San Adreas: Wild West
4. Young 2 Die

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MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationLos Angeles,California
RespectListEveryone Except Insulters,Haters!
Gtaforums.com UsernameBlueRayTeam

Blue Ray Team

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Oct 29 '11
Last Login
Apr 13 '14
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
The Army Invasion 2-Blue Ray Team Produc2013-09-07 12:57:29-3073450
The Army Invasion 2-Day 22013-09-07 12:58:4342852961
The Army Invasion 2-Day 32013-09-07 12:59:11-2783090
The Amy Invasion 32013-09-07 12:59:40-2722510
Vatos Locos-Im here to RAP & im here to 2013-09-07 13:00:20-15162720
Vatos Locos-The Meeting2013-09-07 13:00:49-3072610
Vatos Locos-The Mafia Revenge 22013-09-07 13:02:00-2802140
25 TO LIFE-KILLING MONTAGE2013-09-07 13:02:31-6082590
Vatos Locos-Riskie Is Back2013-09-07 13:02:57-9982360
Vatos Locos-Eddy's Trouble2013-09-07 13:03:22-2482290
25 To Life-Apartment2013-09-07 13:03:554.53622510
The Army Invasion Mission Pack(Full Miss2013-09-07 13:04:25412803315
25 To Life-Downtown2013-09-07 13:04:5033222441
25 To Life-Culdesac2013-09-07 13:05:26-7092120
25 To Life Pack 1 & Gift Mod2013-09-07 13:05:59-12141010
25 To Life-Casino2013-09-07 13:06:40-3071650
25 To Life-Penthouse2013-09-07 13:07:20-2971890
Saints Row:The Third-Bank Robbery2013-09-07 13:07:56420563035
Saints Row:The Third-Freefalling2013-09-07 13:08:21-3492010
Agent:GZ[INTRO]2013-09-07 13:08:574.52311152
Agent:GZ[Bloods Story]2013-09-07 13:09:214.511621694
Agent:GZ[Crips Story]2013-09-07 13:09:48-17901670
Agent:GZ-Gangster Diciples or GDs2013-09-07 13:10:154.676211882
Agent:GZ-Bloods vs Crips2013-09-07 13:10:43-17092162
Navy Army-The Prisoners2013-09-07 13:11:12-3812280
The International Trucker2013-09-07 13:11:42-1371661
The International Trucker V22013-09-07 13:12:12-1811120
Mystery In Area 692013-09-07 13:12:38-403691
The Army Invasion Returns2013-09-07 13:13:08-7043102
The Army Invasion 1-Blue Ray Team Produc2013-09-07 13:13:49-4114130
Vatos Locos-The Mafia Revenge2013-09-07 13:14:43-82794263
TAIR:Chapter 1-Tierra Robada2013-09-07 13:15:30-4681350
TAIR:Chapter 1-Tierra Robada 22013-09-07 13:16:29-163940
The Exodus-Insignia Codes2013-09-07 13:17:04-1221240
Jamie's Stories: Behind The Yard2013-09-07 13:18:08-1561360
Jamie's Stories: Grab n Steal2013-09-07 13:18:34-314980
Jamie's Stories: Uknown?2013-09-07 13:19:32-1001350
Survivorman: Season 1-Episode 12013-09-07 13:20:0652281313
Young 2 Die - All Started Now2013-09-07 13:20:4351511351
DYOM - The Red Devil[Horror - Comedy][BE2013-09-07 13:21:2252061463


Added by Secronom President on Oct 31 2011, 23:26
What would it requires me to do to be a 'Blue Ray Mission Designer'?
Added by Chimpso on Nov 02 2011, 10:39
Just so you know, the user you reported was saying that his own mission was "fucked" (he uploaded the mission he commented on). So he wasn't insulting or flaming anyone, just saying that the mission he made should not be downloaded.
Added by shiva on Nov 04 2011, 12:38
blue ray team. U guyz rock
Added by Secronom President on Nov 04 2011, 18:15
I will check out your main site and maybe I will register.
Added by Secronom President on Nov 04 2011, 20:08
Try to put the missions in a folder, and the mod in a different folder. It should work, if not: just tell me.

By the way, I 'registered' to the site.
Added by DyomDevil on Nov 11 2011, 22:24
hey do you want me to make sum 25to life missions fo'ya???
Added by TheXProyect on Jan 05 2012, 21:59
Thanks for the comment :D
Added by DyomDevil on Jan 06 2012, 13:04
just tell me mission name and story.i wont let you down.
Added by SoldierPro1295 on Jan 10 2012, 15:44
Hello Blue Ray Team I Visit The Site And Register, By The Way What Does It Takes To Be A Blue Ray Mission Designer?
Added by Peter on Jan 11 2012, 14:45
Gay team
Added by ACA!!!  on Jan 21 2012, 10:32
Knock Knock
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 21 2012, 15:02
Blue Ray Team, try my first mission, HUNK.
Leave your comments on my profile of how was it.
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 21 2012, 15:26
Don't forget to rate !
BTW, thanks !!
Added by shiva on Jan 21 2012, 16:52
I wanna become a blue ray designer. So, could anyone recite me the rules?
Added by BANNED on Jan 21 2012, 17:53
Why did you report me?i am after all BANNED!
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 22 2012, 01:27
Tell me, how do I join Blue Ray Team? And what should I do? Tell me everything. I wanted to join.
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 22 2012, 06:27
Hey, the yesterdays mission i told you is now in Full Version, Try it !
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 22 2012, 13:42
@Blue Ray Team
About : Creating a dialogue without cutscenes.

Of course, just follow these steps to make a dialoge without a cutsene.

Step 1 : Open the Menu and Go to Add Objectives.
Step 2 : Open Special Env. Objectives.
Step 3 : Select Timeout
Step 4 : Select the time on how will the dialouge lasts.
Step 5 : Then, A "Show Time" menu will appear, just select No
Step 6 : Type your dialouge (eg. I need to buy a house)

Finally, your ob
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 22 2012, 13:45
Comment Fix : Finally, your objective will be created
Comment Errors : "Of course, just follow these steps to make a DIALOGUE without CUTSCENES
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 22 2012, 13:45
I'll make a mission tutorial about this :)
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 22 2012, 15:32
I think I take back what i said. Sorry, :(
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 22 2012, 15:33
Nah, just kidding ;) Hehe..
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 22 2012, 15:47
Hey, I registered to the forums but, I din't get any activation code. Help please, here is my e-mail, aken_under13@yahoo.com
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 22 2012, 16:40
Blue Ray, check my out my new BLOG at
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 22 2012, 16:41
Blue Ray, i was wondering to join your team :)
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 22 2012, 16:49
Thanks man, So, any mission pack I could help?
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 22 2012, 18:33
Thanks Blue Ray. :]
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 24 2012, 14:48
Added you as my Blog Supporter in my Blog.
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 24 2012, 14:52
Any jobs available as admins in your forums?
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 24 2012, 15:21
Man, you just registered and you want to be admin already. Be patience man. There's no easy way. Work hard first.
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 25 2012, 07:54
Just asking if jobs are available, not applying.
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 25 2012, 15:56
I can make trailer. I'm a trailer designer. Just tell me what trailer and i will make it.
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 25 2012, 16:06
I know, I already greet them. :)
Added by Secronom President on Jan 29 2012, 02:57
Registered on the site.
Added by Red Wolves Team on Mar 16 2012, 22:48
Start creating the ::Agent:Gangsta's Zone::Good Luck Team ;)!!
Added by [S]hark21 on Mar 23 2012, 14:13
It's going great. I'm going to make a mission pack called The Story of A Soldier [TSoAS]
Everything runs smooth. No trouble, well, a bit.
Oh, and good luck to your mission pack.
Added by MercsFan99 on Mar 24 2012, 22:42
Thanks Blue Ray Team!!

P.S. Your missions are great!
Added by [S]hark21 on Mar 25 2012, 03:23
Your welcome. ;)
Added by VergilDD on Mar 25 2012, 06:51
Hi Blue Ray Team! Can I join your team?
Added by VergilDD on Mar 25 2012, 14:47
Thanks! And I have registered on your site too!
Added by VergilDD on Mar 25 2012, 15:07
What to do after joining to your team?
Added by DyomDevil on Mar 27 2012, 16:09
hi.i've finished 2 of your 25 to life missions and when i do the 3rd
i will upload them.
Added by Red Wolves Team on Mar 31 2012, 13:07
Hey sup??Well nice job dude :P thanks!!We are the best :) :P
Added by VergilDD on Mar 31 2012, 16:09
Cool! Proud to be a member of the 'Blue Ray Team'!
Added by Red Wolves Team on Apr 01 2012, 22:19
sorry but you fucked out our forums?? you kidding us??? hahaha Apri's Fools Day!! XD
Added by Ezio on Apr 02 2012, 05:08
Awesome mission.Can you play my http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=18172
Added by Ezio on Apr 03 2012, 16:41
Hey man,love your missions.Check out my topic:
Play my missions and tell me how you feel please!
I need advice from a pro
Added by Red Wolves Team on Apr 05 2012, 21:12
Added by greatcreations on Apr 06 2012, 23:04
thanks man 4 rating my misson tdefinetly going on my respect list
Added by akshay2001 on Apr 17 2013, 22:00
can i join your community and how?
Added by akshay2001 on Apr 17 2013, 22:07
And what's ur main site?
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 07 2013, 13:00
can I join ur team? i used to be VergilDD.
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 08 2013, 18:03
ok i can make missions together.
how can i contact you guys?
plz forgive me but i can't help these days cauz my pc is broken.
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 08 2013, 18:04
if needed my e mail, dragonwarrior199@gmail.com

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