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Text Tutorials

Title Author Short description
The DYOM Functions Tutorial Chimpso An extensive description of the DYOM menu.
Successfull DYOM Mission Designer Chimpso How to become a Successfull DYOM Mission Designer
Animations List Chimpso A complete list of the animations that can be selected for the actors.
List of Objects UNRATED69 A list of objects that can be used in DYOM.
List of Interiors Evanthebassist A list of interior names in DYOM.
List Of Actors JOJOXX A list of actors which can be used in DYOM. With a picture of every actor.
The DYOM Weapons Guide Chimpso A reference work for the weapons in DYOM.
Evan's Tips to Making Missions Evanthebassist Some great tips for creating missions.
DYOM Bugs and Glitches Chimpso This tutorial lists the known DYOM bugs and glitches with their sollutions.
Hook your Mission Sniputer & TNTX32 All punctuation tricks that are possible.
Some tricks TNTX32 Some tricks to make the missions more realistic.
Moving camera in cutscenes gtasearcher Gtasearcher explains how to create a moving camera in cutscenes.
Some tricks GTA!!! Just some random tricks by GTA!!!.
Shoot While You Move GTA!!! Follow this tutorial to make it happen: Shoot While You Move!
Playing Radio in Cutscenes Chimpso How to make the games in-game audio play during cutscenes.
Creating Effectife Car Chases Chimpso An easy way to be able to make effective and fast car chases in DYOM v.5
Actor with parachute Johnny3500 How to make player/actor spawn with parachute.
Race mission trick Nitesh aka AAAAAAA A very creative trick to make a race mission where, if another car finishes the route first, the mission fails.
Make better mission billy7877 A few tips to keep in mind while making a mission