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I Am Beginner Designer. But I Am Working Hard. Hope You'll Like Missions.


MembergroupDYOM Designer
RespectListI Think unnamed Deserved To be In My RespectList


I Also Respect All Users.
Good Luck Everyone And Have Fun
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Aug 28 '14
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Jun 09 '16
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Nightmare Season 1 Episode 1Aug 28 2014, 20:5943753201


Added by Master9 on Aug 28 2014, 20:43
I am working on my first Mission Series. Hope u'll like it.
Added by unnamed on Aug 29 2014, 13:09
Hello, thanks for you that placing me on your Respect List ? but for reason?? and also i want to say
Welcome to DYOM
Added by Master9 on Aug 29 2014, 18:07
Unnamed. I started making missions after playing your mission series (nightmare in san andreas) and i think you are the best designer.
Added by unnamed on Sep 04 2014, 12:01
Problem what? i hope i can help you?
Added by Master9 on Sep 09 2014, 15:43
I think you can... So i am not experienced and i need some help... My GTA Crashes on invisible Checkpoint.
Added by Master9 on Sep 28 2014, 21:49
Now i am working on my new storyline(s) . so i swear you'll enjoy
Added by Alessandro on Jul 22 2015, 13:36
Hello Master9 My Name Alessandro
Added by Master9 on Jun 09 2016, 12:12
Hello Alessandro!

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