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UnknownNight of The DeadHorrorCompleteHere

1997Two BrothersGangsterW.I.PHere

1998Burning IceAssassinW.I.PHere

2002Lance TowersGangsterCompleteHere


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Aug 23 '16
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War of San Andreas - MP [WIP]Jan 02 2017, 00:204.679602317
Dawnlock [MOTW#60 Winner]Mar 17 2017, 19:423.67310980

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War of San Andreas - Part 1 [Roxie]Apr 01 2017, 10:46-


Added by Infantry Warfare on Jan 04 2017, 07:29
I like your MP, I have a quest how to move the door when you are near it? (sorry for the bad english im latino)
Added by VInterPath on Jan 04 2017, 21:32
In case you are talking about the door in Mission 1 (State of Emergency), you just have to drive very close to it. It doesn't really fit with the Barracks truck, but you just have to almost ram the gate.
Added by Roxie on Feb 11 2017, 09:20
Nice MP
i Upload it on youtube
Added by StradaBoy on Mar 17 2017, 19:53
Lithuania :D Me too.. Welcome!
Added by VInterPath on Mar 18 2017, 11:21
Added by Ronnie22-94 on Mar 30 2017, 20:29
Thanks for checking out San Andreas Warfare! that was one of my oldest mission packs that's why the grammatical errors.
Added by Green Goo on Apr 18 2017, 17:07
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