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Mar 19 '17
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Groove sotto attaccoMar 19 2017, 21:50-61480
Lucio NutellaMar 20 2017, 23:29-60530
Uno scambio fallitoMar 22 2017, 21:39-51850
Un lavoro pericolosoMar 24 2017, 16:32-20270

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Grove sotto attaccoMar 21 2017, 19:16-
Lucio NutellaMar 21 2017, 19:16-
Uno scambio fallitoMar 24 2017, 16:51-


Added by Nande Brasileiros on Mar 21 2017, 03:34
é um Prazer em conhece-lo amigo, Meu Nome é Leandro santos Mais conhecido como nande... sou Registrado há bastante tempo no DYOM mas sigo apenas com está conta, Quero Que você se Torne um Grande DYOM Designer QualQuer Questão é só Perguntar no Meu Perfil, nande brasileiros. lembre-se:
A maneira de ajudar os outros é provar-lhes que eles são capazes de pensar.
Added by Nande Brasileiros on Mar 21 2017, 03:34
It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Leandro Santos. I'm better known as nande ... I've been registered for a long time in DYOM but I'm still with this account, I want you to become a great DYOM Designer ''what'' Question is just ask in My Profile, nande brazilians. remember if:
The way to help others is to prove to them that they are able to think.
Added by Aftab Adeel on Apr 12 2017, 15:52
Hi there!
We have a gtaforums section of DYOM. That is for the general discussion related to dyom. Join it here!
It holds a weekly contest named as 'MOTW' (Mission of The Week)
Check it here

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