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Check my GTAforums Profile by a click on photo :-

I am interested in making missions for DYOM.My missions for MOTW
MOTWMissionWin / Lose
MOTW# 80Bullets of FreedomLose
MOTW# 81Manhunt 3: Deathly ContractLose
MOTW# 82Silent InvasionLose
MOTW# 83Killing"Bin Ladin"Lose
MOTW# 84Deathly ChaseLose
MOTW# 85Dark WorlDLose
MOTW# 86Burning HeartWinner !
MOTW# 87Fall into ThrillLose
MOTW# 88Black ForestLose
MOTW# 89Street Fight Winner
MOTW# 90Sons Of LibertyLose
Some members think that i am a dumb because i showing this table in which i have lost many MOTWs.But it not shows that i am a looser.Actually,it shows that "How much hard work i do to win a MOTW"and i never give up...Thanks for read this.

Special Awards
1) Winner of MOTW# 86
2) Winner of MOTW# 89


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationUnknown Place
Birthdate20 Feb, 2000
Huzaifa Khan
Arejai (due to his mission "Catostrophe")
And all Senior DYOM Members and Designers

I respect some MOTW winners :-


And some other Gtaforums and DYOM Designers.

Special thanks to Dutchy3010 & PatrickW.
Gtaforums.com UsernameAgent-X


Member Stats

Jul 23 '17
Last Login
Nov 21 '17
Missions made
16 Avg: 3.9
Trailers made
VideoTuts made
TextTuts made
Comments made
Ratings made
1 Avg: 5.0

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Agent-X : The Bomb City [ normal mode ]Jul 27 2017, 13:08-1021020
Agent-X : The Bomb City [ Hard mode ]Jul 27 2017, 13:21-861630
Bullets For HomelandAug 04 2017, 11:24-1071240
Killing Bin Ladin (for MOTW#83)Sep 16 2017, 15:10-1021102
Deathly 'Chase' (for MOTW# 84)Sep 26 2017, 10:53-84200
Manhunt 3 : Deathly ContractSep 26 2017, 10:55-94340
Bullets Of Freedom (for MOTW #80)Sep 26 2017, 10:57-121340
Dark World [MOTW# 85]Oct 01 2017, 06:36-112521
[winner of MOTW# 86] Burning HeartOct 12 2017, 11:22456842016
Fall into Thrill (For MOTW# 87)Oct 15 2017, 12:581931200
Silent InvasionOct 16 2017, 12:44-61150
Black Forest ( for MOTW# 88 )Oct 22 2017, 11:00-128530
[winner of MOTW# 89] Street FightNov 01 2017, 09:514.8356634111
- Removed -Nov 05 2017, 07:57-142403
Sons of Liberty [MOTW# 90]Nov 12 2017, 04:595171983
Clear the EvidenceNov 15 2017, 14:344.591712


Added by VenomBro on Aug 27 2017, 15:31
Hello, i've seen you on the GTAForums, right?
Added by Agent-X on Sep 28 2017, 09:18
Yes,you are right !
Added by Soap Mactavish on Oct 17 2017, 10:59
Yo brother.This is Warbrother32,now Soap Mactavish.
Added by AfricaDesigner on Oct 20 2017, 17:55
Agent-X I Cant Sign On Gta Forums But Can You Accept The Link I Will Showed on you Profile?Is About MOTW 87
Added by Agent-X on Oct 21 2017, 15:15
AfricaDesigner @ : You must have an account on GTAforums to participate in MOTWs. And it is not hard to make an account on GTAforums.It's damm simple -

i) If you use Android phone then first click the option "Full Version" (at the bootom of forums)

ii) After that go to login if you have already an account or if not then go to "Join" option (at the Right side on the top bar of forums)

iii) Feed information,email account,name and etc. and click ok or something like that.After th
Added by Agent-X on Oct 21 2017, 15:19
After that you receive a messege from forums authorities and your account will ready to use.
Added by Soap Mactavish on Oct 22 2017, 11:07
Hi bro.Great missions u got.Check my missions and tell me if u appreciate em!
Added by Agent-X on Oct 22 2017, 15:35
Of course Soap Mac.. ,i will check your missions. ;D
Added by DYOMER99 on Oct 24 2017, 19:10
Hi Agent bro! Awesoem profile man!!!!
DAMN COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW I have updated my profile. Check it out whenever you are free!
Added by Agent-X on Oct 25 2017, 05:11
DYOMER99 @ Yes,i will check your profile .
Added by Soap Mactavish on Nov 02 2017, 10:05
Congrats on winning MOTW#89,ur now on my respectlist
Added by Huzaifa on Nov 14 2017, 07:32
I really like the style of table you created. Btw I participated 26 times and won 8 ;)

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