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Hello, guys. my self Aditya Kumar. i am the mission creator which i liked the most to create and trying to create much better. if you like my missions or any Suggestions or Queries arising? then post comment.


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Aditya kumar

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Aug 09 '17
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Aug 29 '18
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Despair with SilenceOct 25 2017, 13:3631541283


Added by Soap Mactavish on Oct 22 2017, 14:46
Hi bro me too from india.Do check my missions and leave a rating if u like em
Added by Soap Mactavish on Oct 23 2017, 11:21
Hey i played ur mission.Its good but like Dyomer99 said u gotta learn more about ur dyom software.Do inform me bout ur next mission.
Added by DYOMER99 on Oct 28 2017, 17:41
Well nice to see people from my motherland. Ya me too India, West Bengal.

Your mission ideas are really cool !

And if you got any probs, don't be shy in asking me out ! (not trying to brag or show off. Just telling :)

Keep it up bro !!! :D
Added by Soap Mactavish on Nov 03 2017, 10:29
Hi bro what's up
Added by DeAdLy PyThOn on Nov 03 2017, 11:24
Nice to see another indian in DYOM! I am from india too :)
Added by DeAdLy PyThOn on Nov 11 2017, 08:10
Thanks bhai, tumhare missions bhi awesome hai, keep it up!
Added by DeAdLy PyThOn on Nov 20 2017, 14:55
Dear DYOM Designers,
It is requested join GTAForums for general discussion of dyom with different weekly and monthly contests.
want to ask anything, comment on my profile.
Added by Opcode.eXe on Nov 21 2017, 16:40
Dear DYOM Designer. Your mission are good. It is very very Compulsory for you to join at www.gtaforums.com

If you can't find the DYOM forums then go at http://gtaforums.com/forum/263-dyom/. Account email must be an email of your Google Account. Please join the website. All other designers gather there. We can topics of mission packs and have a little chit chat. So, kindly, join the website. :)
If you have any question then please visit at the profile in GTAFORUMS or in DYOM website (here) and l

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