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Hello DYOM and my dear friends! Am DYOMER99, a guy from India, West Bengal who will present you all with some chilling missions. These missions will be mostly on themes like Defence Assaults, Political corruption, Gang wars, Mysteries etc.

I hope you guys like my mission and if not then please tell me what things should I do to improve my mission.

But the main & foremost thing is that you all ENJOY my missions.

Thank you everybody for supporting me and keep supporting me.



MembergroupDYOM Designer
Birthdate22nd November
RespectList1) Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for this super awesome mod.
2) All the DYOM Staff for keeping this mod super awesome.
Next There are my DYOM friends whom I respect and without whom I would still be a newbie on this site.

1) Agent-X
2) Galactic
3) DeAdLy PyThOn
4) Huzafia
5) Nafil
7)Green Goo
And all other DYOM designers, users and staff members.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Secronum President.
Gtaforums.com UsernameDYOMER99


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Aug 17 '17
Last Login
Dec 02 '17
Missions made
9 Avg: 4.0
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12 Avg: 4.7

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
PROTECTION: AREA 69Aug 17 2017, 11:12-61930
Vagos vs Grove (Gang Wars)Oct 12 2017, 07:55-1251330
Revenge for SweetOct 12 2017, 11:54-69740
Street FightOct 13 2017, 07:47-79630
Escaping the PrisonOct 21 2017, 11:18-74930
(MOTW #90) The OffcomerNov 05 2017, 19:0351511054
The CrackshotNov 09 2017, 14:17478605
[MP] Bullets of Vengeance, The CallNov 19 2017, 16:07381695
[MP] Bullets of Vengeance, Out ThereDec 02 2017, 14:22-60372


Added by Agent-X on Oct 25 2017, 05:15
i like the introduction of your profile,Keep it up Bro !! ; )
Added by Agent-X on Oct 25 2017, 05:16
And thanks for join me in the respect list.
Added by DYOMER99 on Oct 25 2017, 05:48
Thank you Agent !!

It's okay welcome and there is a saying in hindi - 'Dosti Main no thank you no sorry' which in English means - ' In Friendship there is no thank you, no sorry' :D
Added by Agent-X on Oct 25 2017, 13:51
No,your internet connection is not bad actually motw winner mission will be remove after some days ..,normally after 1 week.
Added by DYOMER99 on Oct 25 2017, 13:54
Oh okay ! Thanks for telling me that :DDD
And the MOTW 89 has started!!
Am really excited about it as its the first MOTW I participated.
Good Luck for the MOTW !!
Added by DeAdLy PyThOn on Oct 31 2017, 07:33
Bhai profile to mast hai tera ;)
Zara mere missions bhi check kar lena ;)
Added by DeAdLy PyThOn on Nov 05 2017, 07:54
Thanks bhai mere MOTW mission ko rate karne ke liye :)
Added by Huzaifa on Nov 07 2017, 17:15
Thanks for added me in your Respectlist :)
Added by DYOMER99 on Nov 09 2017, 16:10
Welcome Huzaifa, & PyThOn I have played all of your missions. They are very much awesome!!!!!
Added by Aditya kumar on Nov 10 2017, 10:59
Hello DYOMER99 i have played your missions. they are really cool. my next mission will appear on this month. And me too from your motherland India :)
Added by DYOMER99 on Nov 12 2017, 05:14
Thanks for trying out my missions! I hope you start uploading as soon as possible!
I knew that you are from India by seeing your name!
Added by Nafil on Nov 16 2017, 06:52
Cool missions, i will play every your mission when i come back from the job, and rate them ! ;D

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