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Oi! Now back again at horror games! (i don't know whai) I got bored from action games. (AGAIN!)

Check out the missions down there! :D


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationSilent Hill, Maine
BirthdateWhen Silent Hill was made
RespectListAmethystFlame - The best designer I have ever met in the DYOM community. I highly support his mission-pack The Hunter Diaries!

StradaBoy (aka Martin Strada) - A guy who loves making war, gang and action missions! Check him out!

AnDReJ98 - A DYOM moderator who is from Serbia and I respect him 'cause he is from my neighbor country.

Fatin Ilham - He haves a lot of comments. XD

THBP - A DYOM moderator from Brazil which created best apocalypse mission-pack V for Vinegar.

Roxie - Who says i'm a big fan of Silent Hill, and yes I am :D

FunKeYx - for recording my missions.

Yasir RFL- This guy needs true respect, trust me :(

MartZ2 - Also this guy needs some true respect 'cause his missions are very good and awesome!
Gtaforums.com UsernameVenomDYOM


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Sep 25 '17
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Jan 05 '18
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7 Avg: 1.9
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8 Avg: 4.9

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
GTA San Andreas: AS General HospitalSep 26 2017, 20:401118400
GTA San Andreas: AS General Hospital 2 Sep 28 2017, 11:26190330
(SM) ChaseOct 10 2017, 15:282.594460
Silence Scream - Chapter 1Nov 16 2017, 14:192.574101
Silence Scream - Chapter 2 - 1 MissionJan 01 2018, 11:012.540341
Silence Scream - Chapter 2 - 2 MissionJan 02 2018, 18:38-2780
Silence Scream - Chapter 2 - 3 MissionJan 05 2018, 18:33-2090


Added by AfricaDesigner on Sep 30 2017, 11:56
You Are Not Venom!Venom Create Awesome Missions!And you mission Is Not Like him!That Why I HATE YOU!............I Wish Dyom has new site
Added by AfricaDesigner on Oct 04 2017, 17:33
But What?....Yo Dude,I Respect you,But you English Is Horrible,Must Respect Our Others Not Disrespect
Added by Steamanco on Oct 07 2017, 19:32
You still remember me!? I am surprised bro. Thanks! I am gonna try out some of your missions.then tell you how it was.
Added by AfricaDesigner on Oct 20 2017, 17:49
Make A Mission Pack Not Single :|
Added by AfricaDesigner on Oct 20 2017, 18:30
Dude Why you talking to me like that you disrespet Me,By The Way You Not Good Guy To Talk With.........So One Thing And You Will Reported
Added by Soap Mactavish on Oct 27 2017, 18:43
Hi bro nice missions u got.do check mine and leave a rating and feedback
Added by Roxie on Nov 17 2017, 07:30
Hey Venom Remebred me?
Added by Roxie on Nov 17 2017, 20:43
A Big Fan Boi of Silent Hill :D U knw i miss u
Added by Green Goo on Jan 01 2018, 03:21
Venom my blood brother, how are you man? I knew you wouldn't forget me after what I did. Thanks man, how are you I missed you too. :)
Added by Venom_Bro on Jan 01 2018, 11:46
LOL Who is giving me every mission one star? xD
Added by Green Goo on Jan 01 2018, 13:12
Wait a second, when I made a bad mission pack? I always make good ones, haha! XD
Added by Green Goo on Jan 02 2018, 13:27
I ALWAYS make good MPs despite I'm the creator of BBM and Infection. -_-
Added by Green Goo on Jan 03 2018, 03:38
I'm trying but still no answers from the moderators, if it's impossible then I think the answer will be "No" forever. If that happen I think I won't have a choice but to leave the DYOM community forever. :(

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