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Sep 30 '17
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Aug 28 '18
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Liberty City Stories:The Crack Era(GTA UJan 27 2018, 21:25-14331256
Grand Theft Auto: Idlewood Stories(WIP)Jul 09 2018, 21:43-418750

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Liberty City Stories: The Crack Era Oct 09 2017, 06:07-
Idlewood Stories TrailerJul 09 2018, 21:45-


Added by Opcode.eXe on Nov 21 2017, 06:23
Dear DYOM Designer. Your mission are good. It is very very Compulsory for you to join at www.gtaforums.com

If you can't find the DYOM forums then go at http://gtaforums.com/forum/263-dyom/. Account email must be an email of your Google Account. Please join the website. All other designers gather there. We can topics of mission packs and have a little chit chat. So, kindly, join the website. :)
If you have any question then please visit at the profile in GTAFORUMS or in DYOM website (here) and l
Added by Krocker6400 on Jan 27 2018, 21:30
sorry just seen this joining now

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