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Hi! My name is Hercii! I am an amateur DYOM designer. I love GTA:SA! Almost completed! Planning on something...


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Nov 22 '17
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
BallasNov 22 2017, 12:05-120863
El Jon Hernandez: Oops! Wrong city.Dec 03 2017, 16:07-722844
Bayside Brothers: Return to the BaysideDec 10 2017, 18:07-771200
Bayside Brothers: Meet MichaelDec 11 2017, 17:33-651750
Bayside Brothers: Rifa RampageDec 18 2017, 11:07-1001330


Added by Aftab Adeel on Dec 01 2017, 17:49
Dear DYOM Designers,
It is requested join GTAForums for general discussion of dyom with different weekly and monthly contests.
want to ask anything, comment on my profile.
Added by herciii on Dec 13 2017, 19:56
Next mission preview (Spoiler! Or probably change)
Name: Rifa rampage
Story: Rifas kill Michael's parents, and Michael finds it out. He wants to kill the leader T Bone Mendez (This happened after 1992, I switched the story so that T Bone faked his death). They find out that they're hiding in a broken building. Michael asks Eric and Jason to kill T Bone, and they do it. After that, they meet Larry, a cop that is very famous in SF and the Bayside. Larry soon treathens them to work for him, but mostl
Added by herciii on Dec 13 2017, 19:57
y Jason and Eric. If they fail the job, They will be sent to prison.
Added by Aftab Adeel on Dec 18 2017, 13:53
First of all, make an account on gtaforums

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