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I'm a new member in Dyom, i will do missions about Venezuela and the GTA San Andreas, i am a Venezuelan, and i know speak english, and well... That's all, i'm waiting be a big mission designer


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationMaracay, Venezuela
RespectListThe bests are my friends ;)
Gtaforums.com UsernameGiovaNooxd


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Apr 19 '18
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Feb 05 '19
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
La Encarcelación de Anuel AAJun 08 2018, 20:005109260
[MOTW#116] - Revenge Case [EDITED]Jul 24 2018, 18:18-121430
El Plan Para Matar a Maduro (BETA) (SPA)Dec 14 2018, 22:5956342289


Added by GiovaNooxd on Apr 19 2018, 18:28
Maybe tomorrow i will start to publish missions, i wan't so everyone people help me thanks
Added by Nande Brasileiros on Jul 16 2018, 06:41
Gracias amigo Mio, usted también ganãras 5/5!!!
Voy a jugar a sus misiones, deben estar bien divertidas
Gracias por visitar mi perfil, luego pronto tendrá la parte zombie II
Added by GiovaNooxd on Jul 16 2018, 21:53
Gracias Nande Brasileiros, ya esperare la segunda parte de su mision zombies
Added by Nande Brasileiros on Jul 16 2018, 22:32
Yo Has Gustado Mucho de tuya mission, ^^
Added by GiovaNooxd on Jul 16 2018, 22:41
Gracias, esten atentos ya que cada mes llegare a hacer nuevos contenidos para mi perfil, pienso hacer una mision de un proyecto secreto del Area 69, y pronto dare mis redes sociales para poder informarse de todo
Added by DennysCute99 on Jul 18 2018, 19:06
I don't understand your language bro.
Added by Nande Brasileiros on Jul 23 2018, 07:56
GiovaNooxd Vamos Hablar Por Facebook
Mande Una solicitacions a Mi Perfil del face, Leandr.Redy
Added by Nande Brasileiros on Jul 23 2018, 07:57
Added by GiovaNooxd on Jul 24 2018, 14:11
Okay NandeBrasileiros, espero estar en contacto con usted ;)
Added by GiovaNooxd on Dec 16 2018, 17:19
Coming soon i'll launch the BETA 3 of "El Plan Para Matar A Maduro" Multi-Language, spanish, english and italian. With more missions and the other part from the history that was keep last time

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