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Just some dude out there making missions for your entertainment, even though they are bad.

I've actually been a DYOM maker for like a year, but I never uploaded the missions, cause I was lazy, and thought people wouldn't like it.

Most of the missions will be in English, but there will be some missions in Serbian ;)

Huge respect to all other DYOM designers, and for those who make me a better designer!

Don't expect me to kiss your ass, or nothin. You still a buster to me.
Same things make us laugh, make us cry.
No matter how much shit the city throw at you, you gotta stick by your homies!


MembergroupDYOM Designer
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Jun 11 '19
Last Login
Dec 15 '19
Missions made
6 Avg: 4.7
Trailers made
3 Avg: 5.0
VideoTuts made
TextTuts made
Comments made
Ratings made
33 Avg: 4.5

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Kill RyderJul 19 2019, 13:404.56724493
Revival: IntroductionAug 13 2019, 22:145276977
BraćelaAug 15 2019, 14:294.5180489
Revival: Season OneSep 03 2019, 19:185169495
End of the GroveNov 02 2019, 17:064.5115846412
Area 51Nov 06 2019, 19:28-6342995

Trailer List

Kill RyderJun 12 2019, 22:005
Revival: IntroductionJul 02 2019, 13:06-
End of the GroveAug 06 2019, 00:075


Added by Arlein on Jun 13 2019, 00:08
Cool Missions
Added by Arlein on Jun 13 2019, 00:17
Hey dude, keep making missions you're great
and make trailers for them I can't wait to watch them.
Added by Lendov on Jun 15 2019, 14:26
Don't expect any new missions this week, since I have a really important test on Monday, so I'll have to study. Expect the missions around Wednesday or Thursday. Thank you.
Added by Arlein on Jun 18 2019, 00:19
Ok I'll wait for any mission to play.
Added by Lendov on Jun 26 2019, 13:55
Before I drop the season 2 next week, first I'm gonna upload an English mission first.
Added by Arlein on Jul 01 2019, 00:03
Thanks for adding to the respect list.
Added by Lendov on Jul 05 2019, 23:41
@Arlein Nothing, should have added you long before. ;)
Added by Lendov on Jul 13 2019, 00:37
Wow! Didn't expect End of the Grove to get so much views. Holy shit. Thank you so much, for downloading and playing :)
Added by Lendov on Aug 06 2019, 15:29
Finally. End of the Grove's trailer is complete!
Added by Lendov on Aug 13 2019, 23:06
I realised I'm lying too much to you good people. And, I'm even lying to myself. From now on I'll be exact with when the mission comes. I'm sorry for being a prick.
Added by Lendov on Aug 13 2019, 23:06
Did you know, Revival was supposed to be uploaded a month ago?
Well, that was a fucking lie.
Added by Lendov on Sep 04 2019, 17:27
Ah shit...School is back. The way it looks, I don't think there will be missions anytime soon xd
Added by RealDino69 on Oct 14 2019, 06:58
Thanks for rating my mission :D

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