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Hello! Welcome to my profile! I create cool missions (usually 2 to 3 part missions). I started creating missions 2 years ago (sadly i didn't know how to upload missions so i was only downloading missions). I have cool missions like "The end of Grove Street" it's a two parts mission where you (The Ballas) and the reamaining Ballas members (This mission is after end of the line) are fighting with the Grove Street. Will you sucesfully beat Grove Street or will they beat you? Download the mission to find out!

This is the list of my missions:

-The End of Grove Street:
1. The end of grove street
2. The end of grove street (Save your friends choice)
3. The end of grove street (Kill Cj choice)

-The life of a police officer
1.Kill the criminal
2.Drug Delivery
3.Bank Robbery
4.Chaos (Unreleased)

-The cult
1.The Cult (Intorduction)
2.The First Job
3.The Second Job
4.The Third Job
5.The First Meeting
6.The First Heist
7.The Betrayal
8.The End? (Outroduction)

And more! You can find them in my missions!
That's all for now!


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Aug 16 '19
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Jun 15 '20
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Kill the spyAug 16 2019, 13:07-118860
Kill the criminalSep 06 2019, 23:00-108670
The end of Grove Street (Part 1)Sep 11 2019, 11:191132780
The end of Grove Street (Ending 1/2)Sep 11 2019, 23:0732591441
The end of Grove Street (Ending 2/2)Oct 28 2019, 20:23-1881510
Drug DeliveryNov 02 2019, 13:23-59760
Bank RobberyDec 03 2019, 13:27-2082091
The CultJan 22 2020, 15:29-141312
The Cult Part 2Jun 15 2020, 18:10-2240
The Cult Part 2Jun 15 2020, 18:14-2330


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