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Knows as Aflien since 2015

I'm part of DYOM community for long time mostly as a user but I was making missions and storylines but I never uploaded any of them. I used DYOM more to impress friends. That way I got lot of DYOM exp. Today I'm mostly making storylines. I don't have much forum exp so if I create a forum topic don't expect much. If anyone is actualy soo bored that he is actualy reading thins keep in mind I'm too lazy to change description to something better.

If you can and want play comment rate my missions and storylines. Its always a great thing to see.

I will continue uploading missions using this profile from here on out http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/12071


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RespectListRespect to all especially creators of DYOM patrickW and dutchy3010
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Oct 16 '11
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Jan 01 '15
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Escape DeathMar 07 2012, 15:09-8144580
Wrong Side of Town IntroductionApr 25 2012, 16:55-9141886
WSoT Act1: San FierroApr 25 2012, 18:36-8022022
WSoT Act2: Chapter1: Welcome to LVJun 07 2012, 10:253.6712672924
Don of Los Santos: IntroductionJan 06 2013, 12:42-3693803
DoLS: Breaking BonesJan 06 2013, 12:43-3893700
DoLS: Save the HO's Jan 06 2013, 12:43-3323640
DoLS: Driving the DonJan 06 2013, 12:44-3403090
DoLS: White GoldJan 06 2013, 12:44-3733920
DoLS: RatJan 06 2013, 12:44-3162401
DoLS: Not so friendly after allJan 06 2013, 12:44-3433180
DoLS: Bugged inJan 06 2013, 12:44-2952880
DoLS: Only way to stopJan 06 2013, 12:45-3873100
DoLS: TidehinterJan 06 2013, 12:45-3653800
DoLS: Big oneJan 06 2013, 12:45-3754931
DoLS: Turnaround of the SituationApr 11 2013, 16:09510711860
DoLS: The War BeginsApr 11 2013, 16:09-11572540
Gone in 60 secondsMay 26 2013, 13:34-4523122
Just a Simple job (For MOTW#4)Jun 08 2013, 22:103233011774


Added by jovan53 on Jun 09 2012, 12:27
Just asking, are u going to make more wsot missions
Added by Nyhhichi on Jun 13 2012, 20:40
Yes I will. There is 50% of storyline that still needs to be made.
I'll try my best. Now I'm working on Chapter 2 of Act2.
Added by Nyhhichi on Dec 30 2012, 13:55
Wrong Side of Town was canceled due to messed up story. It was a great storyline but I messed up a lot of missions and when I played them last time I had a feel that story isn't told as it should be.
Added by TheXProyect on Jan 11 2013, 17:05
Hey men you should post your missions in Gtaforums so can you get more downloads and views :D
Added by Nyhhichi on Jan 16 2013, 21:57
I know. I suck at forums that is the reason I don0t have a topic yet.
Added by Target13 on Jun 11 2013, 15:49
I Know you almost won MOTW4 But i just want everything to be played by the rules. Just So You Know i voted for your mission. btw MOTW4 Has not ended yet. Who Knows? Maybe in two days you get more votes then me?
Added by Nyhhichi on Jun 11 2013, 18:27
I don't believe that I will win, nor I ever did. I feel lot better being a pessimist more than a optimist. I know all went according to rules but I have a strange hunch a little part was set up. But don't take it seriously. I understand real reason that you wanted to lenghen the voting is becouse you knew more ppl will vote for you. Don't worrie about it its Human nature and its actualy a good thing. Knowing to fight for yourself...

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