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Designer Against Non-English Missions
I'm from Indonesia and English not my Main Languange but, English is a International Languenge so, I study it and try to speak it (but, if I speak it, it's so really bad. LOL) and my mission is always English languenge why? because people here average was from Eropa and I'm Asian so, that's why I use English and my English was really bad.

is a DYOM TEAM made by me! the member is Blues2030, gta3masta5000, Coretex, and Alokik. the stories are about a secret operation Agent, and the city is ruined with hitmen. They are killing people for money. After killing Hitmen, Secret Agent failed to catch the Leader so you fired from S.O.A (Secret Operation Agency). Commander Hawk (Leader of S.O.A) have Problem with You so he Fired you from S.O.A. Mission up coming soon!

New Update!
MOTW#13 Contest mission!


MembergroupDYOM Designer


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-Secronom President

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Gtaforums.com UsernameBlues2030


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Jul 20 '13
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Dec 08 '13
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21 Avg: 3.9
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1 Avg: 3.7
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Random MissionAug 07 2013, 00:02-65620
Bayside Marina Aug 07 2013, 00:023126736
Race with Cesar [Event 1]Aug 07 2013, 00:0451611394
Race with Cesar [Event 2]Aug 07 2013, 00:05590832
Need For Speed - IntroductionAug 07 2013, 00:0511751290
Need For Speed - First TrainingAug 07 2013, 00:05-1391390
Fast & Furious 6 - TrailersAug 07 2013, 00:0944412960
Surprise attack [MOTW#9]Aug 16 2013, 05:5242041124
Pressure time [MOTW#10]Aug 16 2013, 05:52-139930
Parkour Contest [MOTW#11 Winner]Aug 19 2013, 08:105178701
NoneAug 19 2013, 11:24-70790
Silent Night [MOTW# 13]Aug 30 2013, 17:29-109780
Level: A Basic Test - 1Sep 08 2013, 14:46-1371070
Level: A Basic Test - 2Sep 08 2013, 14:48-93930
Level: A Basic Test - 3Sep 08 2013, 14:56-69770
Level: A Basic Test - 4Sep 08 2013, 15:03-77780
Level: A Basic Test - 5Sep 08 2013, 15:41-64700
Level: A Basic Test - 6Sep 08 2013, 15:47-68910
Level: A Basic Test - 7Sep 08 2013, 15:58-62870
Level: A Basic Test - 8Sep 08 2013, 16:11-82590
Level: A Basic Test [Mission Pack]Sep 08 2013, 16:42-118630

Text Tutorial List

Trouble with invisible checkpoint!Aug 03 2013, 18:40240


Added by Martincho on Jul 21 2013, 06:31
Hi, i love your race mission, is really well made :3
How do you make race missions like that? With timing and those kind of things...
Added by Blues2030 on Jul 22 2013, 08:31
@Martincho yeah, I know it's a little bit dificult to make it. just set up the route of the author and select the car. the first I made, the mission get a error and I fix it.
Added by King on Jul 28 2013, 02:28
Very nice profile
And I am going to check out you nice mission.
Added by Blues2030 on Jul 28 2013, 05:51
@King thank you so much King! :D your mission is really nice too.
Added by thegame833 on Aug 03 2013, 11:06
Added by Blues2030 on Aug 03 2013, 11:09
@thegame833 make a mission, you?
Added by thegame833 on Aug 03 2013, 12:02
and how to do that
am new here
Added by Blues2030 on Aug 03 2013, 17:52
@thegame833 really? me too but, I already here in other account.
Added by TheXProyect on Aug 15 2013, 20:42
I didn't notice that I was in your respect list. Thank you! :D
Added by TheXProyect on Aug 15 2013, 20:43
friend list*
Added by Blues2030 on Aug 16 2013, 05:20
oh about that, yeah I forgot to tell you first because your missions are cool and I think you are good people.
Added by Martincho on Aug 17 2013, 03:42
I added you :3 YAY ^^
Added by Martincho on Aug 23 2013, 23:06
Thanks for your help man :)
Awesome, i didn't think about that :p
Added by Blues2030 on Aug 24 2013, 04:56
your welcome :D
Added by T13 on Aug 30 2013, 17:13
Really? Was the 'Last Update' Feature really needed?
Dude...Stop trying to copy me!
Added by Blues2030 on Aug 30 2013, 17:24
sory dude, I don't copy you! some people in dyom here use that too so, don't start argue here. or, maybe I changed so I don't copy you?
Added by T13 on Aug 30 2013, 19:15
Okay okay, you can keep it!
Added by King on Sep 01 2013, 13:10
I used an mod For it
Cheat Menu Mod
Added by Blues2030 on Sep 01 2013, 13:46
where you get it?
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 16 2013, 18:11
hi, finaly found ya! how are u doing?
Added by ReckZ on Dec 10 2013, 01:27
Yo, Varro. I'm Reckendo as you know. I very like your mission. Link it to our forum!

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