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Hello, i'm Andrew_Thiago. I like to create stuffs for gta San Andreas and Gta 1. I have so many ideas to share, and i even know where shall i begin. When i discovered this site, my creation's mind has changed! I hope everybody never forget this important work of Dyom does! Always leave a comment, whatever you say, do not let the 1 April joke come true! :)


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Sep 29 '13
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Sep 24 '14
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The Night After Tomorrow Part-1Jun 11 2014, 17:16-3344054
The Night After Tomorrow Part-2Jun 12 2014, 07:41-3444762
The Night After Tomorrow (Bonus Movie)Jun 15 2014, 04:23-3234062


Added by Brasil Games2 on Jun 07 2014, 04:46
Eae,vi sua mensagem no meu usuario e pensei será que você não gostária de criar missão no Brasil Games? Para mais contato envie um convite no skype ao brasil-games2
Added by Huzaifa on Jun 12 2014, 22:02
Hi, bro your missions are great If you want so check my missions hope you like it :)
Added by andrew_thiago on Jun 13 2014, 02:24
sure! i will check out! Thank u
Added by Atmas on Feb 17 2015, 17:19
I'm Andrew Thiago. That's my new profile, cause i just forgot the password of that account. Check out here: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/12409

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