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Max Parker [Complete Series]

By Arejai

Max Parker - Chapter 1

Official Link: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=505979

This mission pack is based on the third-person shooter video game, named Freedom Fighter, but was made with a different storyline.

In this story, you'll step into a dead man's shoes.You will be part of a mad hermit's tale. A tale of hatred and vendetta, of lust for power and wealth... and of guilty.

Year 1998, Los Santos is ruled by the selfish government.. that only concerned with money and property. They killed people.. they stole the money that belonging to the citizens.. they doing a corruption with others. It provoked the anger of the people.

You will follow the story of a man named Max Parker, who's forced to fight against the law.

No radiant victory waits at the end.. only clarity about Max's fate.


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PLAYMax Parker's TrailerArejaiSep 15 2012, 10:56
"Max Parker's Trailer"
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Added by DyomDevil on Sep 20 2012, 14:21
Definately 5 stars,ofcourse.Creative,interesting story and carefully designed.You have my rating.
Added by Arejai on Sep 21 2012, 07:33
Hey, thanks. :)
Added by yaqoob_farooq on Oct 20 2012, 16:36
Hey how can i play this mission because in new to this site?please reply.
Added by serbia4life on Nov 21 2012, 21:31
Added by alithing on May 09 2013, 10:43
Arejai it was incredible it was awesome awesome really awesome i rate 100000000000000000000 Star
Added by Chris™ on Jun 30 2013, 21:49
Can someone tell my how to install storyline?Does my slots for missions must be empty ?? Please help
Added by Arejai on Jul 01 2013, 10:07
It's not storyline. Just extract 'em and place 'dyom1' - 'dyom8' to your GTA SA directory. ;)
Added by Chris™ on Jul 01 2013, 13:06
Ok thank you :D and does my slots for mission must be empty?

Your missions are great :D
Added by Chris™ on Jul 02 2013, 13:38
It's okay I figured and once again thanks man :D
Added by Martincho on Mar 11 2014, 00:04
Awesome man, really well made. You deserve 10 stars but I can't, the limit is 5 xD
Added by XxDragonSharKxX on Jan 30 2015, 17:04
i like your missions arejai and i give yu 50000000000000000star
and hope yu make awesomes missions
Added by Heisenberg_GR on May 05 2015, 23:22
Very good mission pack dude! You put your best to make this! A lot of hard work to make it so good, i'm feeling you! The story was great, and the gameplay remembers me the Freedom Fighters game! 5***** stars from me!
Added by StradaBoy on Jul 24 2016, 11:50

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