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GTA San Andreas Police Stories 2012 C1

By Magic Simpson

You will play as a good Los Santos cop name Officer Garrett who has a partner Officer John. This is Chapter 1

PLOT: Officer Garrett and John who recently finished LSPD academy joined the police force to serve in the line of duty. They sworn to protect and serve the city of Los Santos and make the streets safe. Officer Garrett and his partner deal with gangs, their violence, drug dealers, dirty prostitutes, fight crime and face problems the police have every day. They clean up the dirty mean streets of Los Santos by removing gangs and dangerous criminals off the streets. Officer Garrett and his partner have a primary goal of hunting down the most wanted criminals in GTA San Andreas such as Carl Johnson, Sweet, Caesar, OG LOC, ETC… While they plan to achieve their goals the police chief and the captain doesn’t want the Los Zetas cartel taking over the city. His biggest concern is about the cartel smuggling illegal drugs such as weed, crack cocaine, crystal meth, pot, and other harmful drugs into Los Santos. Now police chief Roman wants police officers, Swat teams, The DEA, and other law enforcement agencies to battle the cartel to prevent the Los Zetas from taking over the city. After Los Santos police shutdown a large Los Zetas drug operation and confiscate $100,000,000 drug money, guns, and drugs everyone is in hot water. Officer Garrett and Officer John put their selves in a bloody drug war with the cartel and the Los Santos Police Department. The Los Zetas leader Caesar Mule demands the money and drugs back or else the cartel will destroy police departments and target police officers on the streets. The officers must hunt down the leader and destroy the cartel while they plan to achieve their goals.


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Added by APlaycalypseNow on Nov 17 2012, 12:17
Very good :D
Added by Binziong on Oct 28 2016, 16:29
Use Shift + 6.
They be like :
Theres more.

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