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The Last of Us - Episode 1. Part 9

By Harrison_West

The Last of Us - Episode 1. Part 9
Goodbye, Old Friend (Finale of Episode 1)

1993, September 4th, the end of the world was not as we predicted, too many humans, not enough resources, when the civil war broke out, everything was in total dispair, many humans died for freedom, some of them died for land, money, when everything was over, everyone thought, everything would be calm again, they were wrong, another epidemic was on the rise, but not the usual ones, sick people are dying, and when they died, they rise again, not as one of us, we are the prey, and they are the predators, humanity was almost extinct, but some of us, luckily survived, but we didn't know, We are the Last of Us

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Added by alithing on May 08 2013, 23:29
Nice mission pack i love it but its short
Added by Harrison_West on May 09 2013, 00:57
Yeah, I'm trying to fix the length, you might also like the other campaign (Chris Campaign) I made it a bit longer and a bit challenging.

Anyway, thanks for playing, and oh. you forgot to rate :)
Added by SkyDive on Dec 12 2014, 15:53
This is soooo cool.

I really like this series so far, you should keep working on them.

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