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Battle of San Andreas

By Chaossy

Battle of San Andreas


"Battle of San Andreas" is a campaign of missions in which the player controls three characters, a military sergeant, a U.K. Police Constable, and a rookie cop.

Playable Characters
* Sergeant Miller (Military)
* Police Constable Danny Angel (U.K. Officer)
* Officer Jones (Rookie LSPD Bike Unit)

1 - Fresh From The Bike
2 - Trouble on Vacation

Progress[ b]
The campaign is in pre-alpha stage.

The download is just a placeholder, as the campaign is in pre-alpha stage.

Update: 2-2-2017

I guess I'll be rewriting this from scratch


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Feb 02 '17


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Added by Chaossy on Aug 11 2013, 19:29
Welp. This was supposed to be a mission-pack, I accidentally clicked Storyline.....
Added by Martincho on Aug 26 2013, 02:02
Ok, it looks promising, that's why i'm going to put 5 stars... and it looks really good; but... why you upload this if you still in Pre-Alpha?
Or... you should upload the first mission, or a demo... lol
Added by Chaossy on Aug 27 2013, 07:26
Yeah. I'm gonna to start making the first mission during the week, and hopefully have a video of it come out before I have to go to school in September.
Added by Chaossy on Aug 29 2013, 20:28
Well. I'm just gonna say this here:
My computer hates me while I try to do a mission. Everytime I make a new mission and when I type a mission name in, it crashes for me. I don't know what is going on. So I will be on hiatus. But during that hiatus, I will script the missions, and work on a sequel. This MP is only going to be at least 6 missions.
Added by saransh on Oct 21 2013, 20:21
how you make a trailer of your dyom mission or you also use game capturing softwares like fraps,litecam,etc

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