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Code Of Silence ZIP

By Jimmy_Leppard

This is the ZIP File with all the missions of my latest mission series called ''Code of Silence''. I uploaded this so that you don't have to click 8 times to download the missions separately. Enjoy and give me feedback in this topic --> http://gtaforums.com/topic/677469-code-of-silence-mission-series/

Summary of the mission series:

Jason and Vince Boswell are brothers who, throughout the difficult childhood, would've gone to the end of the world for each other. However, after both of them joined the army, the older brother Vince, became more and more caught up in the ''fire of the battlefield''. Having in mind that Vince was a problematic person from the start of his life, Jason somewhat knew that he could've expected Vince becoming a heartless animal. After Vince got into trouble while serving with Jason in the Liberty City army for attacking several compagnions from the army because of a worthless argument, he was locked up in a solitary cell along with Jason because Jason stood up for his brother and was also involved in the fight Vince caused, but from the ''right reasons''. Jason only wanted to protect his older brother. With that fight, both Jason and Vince are facing the execution as their final punishment. However, when a sergeant named Anthony Wade enters their solitary cell, their life became even more complicated than it already was.. but they couldn't have known that.


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PLAYCode of Silence TrailerJimmy_LeppardAug 15 2014, 21:12
"Code of Silence Trailer"
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Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Aug 15 2014, 21:12
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