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GTA:SA Continuation (FIXED)

By Ryder794


This storyline contains 8 epic missions.The storyline is a continuation of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas(the events are happening after End of The Line).
All missions are fun and 100% possible without cheats,but they are hard as shit and not for babies,BE STRONG!
The missions are:
1.Shit never ends:The other gangs are attacking our hood,you must defend it.After that,one of CJ best friends betrayes him,you must to kill him(Motorbike Run+Gun fight+On-foot Run)
2.Las Vegas Heist:Woozie calls you,then he says that he wants to rob 3 locations: Royal Casino,Car Parking and Caligula's Casino.Because there are 3 places,3 men should do this heist.CJ will rob the Royal Casino,then he will found a man who wants to help him to rob the Car Parking.
3.The big heist:Even he is blend,Woozie will rob the Caligula's Casino.The third man[I don't want to say who is he(suspense)]steals a motorbike and all of Woozie's money and runs.CJ will rescue Woozie,promising him that he will kill the third man.
4.(The third man) Death:CJ will try to kill the backstabber.He will follow him to his house,then he will try to destroy his car.If you want to know if CJ will kill the third man,play the storyline :).
5.Back Home:Sweet is very angry because CJ left him alone,because a group of Ballas tried to kill Sweet.When the two arrive at the hood,they will found a big disaster.They must kill all gangs and save the hood.(You must do a drive-by).
6.Loco Syndycate is back:Mike Toreno calls CJ,saying that he knows who tried to kill Sweet.CJ will go to San Fierro to get this information.At his arrival,Mike says that TBone or Ryder sent the Ballas.
CJ will steal a plane from the military boat,then he will start a plane fight with TBone.Before firing the last bullet,CJ asks him why he sent the Ballas.Tbone says that Ryder tried to kill Sweet.CJ fires the last bullet and kills TBone Mentez.
7.Need for Speed Most Wanted:If you played NFS:MW,no description is required.
8.Final Showdown:CJ will start an investigation to find where Ryder is hiding.He founds Ryder,but Ryder runs to Liberty City(yes,it is Liberty City).After arriving here and killing Catalina and Claude(old problem),CJ will start a gunfight with Ryder.To see the ending,play the storyline.

The storyline includes:
-8 fun missions
-you can control CJ,Woozie,the third man and Mike Toreno
-you can do a drive-by as passenger is mission Back Home
-Loooooooots of dialogs between characters.
-1 hours of gameplay.
-races,hot rides,gunfights and more,more things.

*If you will have a screen problem at ,,The big heist'' or ,,Las Vegas heist'',just press V 4 times.
*If this storyline reaches 100 downloads,I will make a part 2.
*Sorry for bad english.

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