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Ultimate Threat 48

By Ricky Orzel

*Trisha stops running*

Man: *Has sweet and Steve tied behind their backs, bags over their heads and a gun pointed at them* You better stay where you're if you don't want any of their blood on your hands!

Trisha: F*** you!

*Man2 sneaks up from behind to put a bag over Trisha's head. He trips her backwards onto the ground and uses the butt of his gun to knock Trisha out*

*Later, time unknown*

*Trisha wakes up tied to a chair and has no bag over her head*

*Discovers that Sweet and Steve are also tied up to other chairs near her*

Trisha: *Moves a little* Where are we?

Sweet: On a plane... and gonna get dropped into the ocean...

Insider man: Oh, she's finally awake haha! Yes! That is exactly what we're going to do and nobody will ever find you except the sharks!

Sweet: ...can't believe you set us up...

Insider man: Set you up? I did what you asked, done my part of the deal and got paid fare and square! Since when did I mention I was on anybody's side hmm? I get paid by everyone who needs useful information! The trick is, I kept it a secret and lied that I only worked for one person, because how else will I ever make it in this cruel world without any money? I don't give a s*** what happens for as long I get paid and Wyatt, hes able to pay more then everybody I ever worked for combined!

Trisha: I killed Wyatt! I cut his head half way off and watched him die like a f****** headless chicken! I doubt he has somebody else to take his place when everyone is either in prison or dead!

Insider man: For all you know, we're the last ones standing right?! but want to hear something mind blowing?! Its called reinforcements! Also this whole entire time, the Wyatt you killed was just a look alike. The real Wyatt was broken out of jail by his look alike for accidentally having a switch blade in his pocket during court. Ha! Looks like you just saw a ghost now! Do you know where we're heading? The ocean was just along the way but we're on our way to move every single one of our men from Vice City into San Andreas!

Trisha: You're just wasting your time... no matter if I do get out of this chair or not... there is only so many places you can hide and I practically busted every property that Wyatt has ever owned in San Andreas!

Insider man: Thats where you're wrong b****! We have enough drugs to make more money then the government! We have more weapons then the military could ever imagine and just enough men to out populate a single country! With all of that power... Wyatt is going to finish what his father started and that is to make a truce with all of the gangs and take over San Andreas!

*Steve manages to untie himself without anybody noticing*

*A few minutes of silence goes by while Trisha looks down to the ground discouragingly*

Insider man: Oh with all the information that I'd love to share with you, we're actually almost in Vice city which means you should of been in the ocean by now if it wasn't for my big mouth so Im just gonna let the big fella cut your heads off and throw you into the ocean! It was nice talking with you!

*Steve gets out of his chair in a fighting stance*



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