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Swiping Kings: The Race Continues ZIP

By Jimmy_Leppard

This is a ZIP file of all 11 missions + the Prelude mission of ''Swiping Kings: The Race Continues'' mission pack so you don't have to click 12 times to download all 12 missions separately.

Feel free to leave a comment in the mission pack's official topic here --> http://gtaforums.com/topic/681991-swiping-kings-the-race-continues/

Thank you and have fun :)


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PLAYSwiping Kings: TRC TrailerJimmy_LeppardAug 19 2014, 08:31
"Swiping Kings: TRC Trailer"
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Added by Highqualitygaming19 on Jul 13 2014, 14:07
is there a story what happened before like 10 years ago? with chinese guys? and story then killed riley?
Added by Highqualitygaming19 on Jul 13 2014, 14:08
and hi am the guy who uploaded the runaway walkthrough on youtube remember u tried to contact me?
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Jul 22 2014, 15:52
@Highqualitygaming19 Yes, there is. To fully understand this mission pack, you need to play 3 prequel mission packs before this one. They're called Swiping Kings: Prequel, Swiping Kings and Swiping Kings: Sequel. You can find all three mission pack ZIP files on this site, you just click on my name, it will direct you to all the missions I've upload here, you can find the ZIP files of all the Swiping Kings franchise there. Cheers :)
Added by Jimmy_Leppard on Aug 19 2014, 08:31
Trailer added.
Added by Heisenberg_GR on Apr 29 2015, 22:48
Nice mission dude! Check my missions if you want and tell me your opinion i'll appreciate it! Nice trailer too ;)

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