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Los Santos Most Wanted's Ch#1

By Huzaifa

Ok Guys here it is the chapter 1 of Los santos most wanted's in this chapter you have a story intro or seven mission missions chapter#2 is in progress

The Story of the mission pack is that in los santos 3 corrupt mafia members enter in los santos these guys took ballas, homies and vagos as their gang these three are David who runs homies, Micheal who runs vagos and one of the most wanted is Marsh who runs ballas as their gang and these three speard crime in all over the los santos in these circumtences L.S.P.D undercover agents Jeff, kevin and Peter start to face out against these most wanted's mafia.

I hope you like my Chapter 1 :)

Chapter#2 Work in Progress.

Also Check out my topic at forum about this (MP) http://gtaforums.com/topic/694895-los-santos-most-wanteds-mp/

Thank's :) Enjoy my story


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Added by Raihan Naufal Syauqi on May 05 2014, 14:35
This is so Amazing my Friend! Please make chapter 2. I'll be waiting until the end of the world :D
Added by Huzaifa on May 05 2014, 14:56
Thanks bro for feedback I work out on chapter 2 :)
Added by THOM on May 05 2014, 17:02
nice storyline..
Added by Mahmudur rahman on May 06 2014, 17:00
Awesom!,very very good,like it!.your cars,cutscene,charecters everything is 5 star,so 5 star for you bro :-).I can't wait for part2.
Added by Mahmudur rahman on May 06 2014, 17:03
But,in 2nd mission(watch out David) at the end how you stick the camera at back of the car?
Added by Mahmudur rahman on May 06 2014, 17:23
You used 3rd person camera right?
Added by Huzaifa on May 06 2014, 19:55
Yes! I used third person camera and thanks bro for your great feedback :) you are in my mine for a long :)
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on May 08 2014, 19:48
Added by Huzaifa on May 09 2014, 19:27
Oh! thanks bro :)
Added by PeterPitbull on May 10 2014, 13:41
Finally, I have to play it :)
Added by Huzaifa on May 10 2014, 17:10
I hope you like it bro :-)

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