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Juniper Hill Conflict

By Huzaifa

Another gang war mission this time between Da Nang Boys Vs Rifas in San fiero.

I hope everyone like this mission :)

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Play 'N' Enjoy :)



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PLAYGameplay Juniper Hill Conflict by ProDX3HuzaifaJul 27 2014, 11:03
"Gameplay Juniper Hill Conflict by ProDX3"
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Added by nandack on Jul 27 2014, 08:42
Review of Juniper Hill Conflict from Huzaifa

First thing first, my review is always go like this:
- Story line: What the most of the mission shows the player.
- Difficulty: What the difficulty to play the the mission.
- Timing: How you put the timing and how long does it takes to finish it.
- Suggestion: My own suggestions.

1. Story line
So, I have played it. It's most action is when you have to kill those San Fiero Rifas that come and come again. It would be better if you have more cutscenes
Added by nandack on Jul 27 2014, 08:43
on it. I just see maybe not more than 8 cutscenes. The Rifas are coming from wave to another wave until it's final wave. Good actor placing that spawned in an area where the player mostly not in that spawning place because the player have to kill those Rifas with unlimited AK47 and only have 2 pickups which are Health and Armor, others are weapons from the dead body. Nice idea to put some cars and objects for cover also good to spawn enemies that driving a car. But for a note, the first car that shows u
Added by nandack on Jul 27 2014, 08:45
next: But for a note, the first car that shows up is rush against one of the first spawned Rifas Actors. And there is a time where you have to wait without doing nothing then the next waves are spawned, maybe because you spawned so many actors at a time.
Added by nandack on Jul 27 2014, 08:46
2. Difficulty
Overall, the difficulty of Juniper Hill Conflict for me is Medium. The difficulty is not about the enemies that are so many and come again each wave, but the pickup that only two for Health and Armor. Most of it make some difficulty when killing enemies with AK47 from long range, although they are low of accuracy. It will be Hard if there is a limited ammount of AK47 ammos. So the player should think to shot or to wait for the right time and steal their AK47 pickups.
Added by nandack on Jul 27 2014, 08:47
3. Timing
Great timing for spawning enemies and placing them at the right place. The Rifas that spawned on the top of the building are also nice idea although they not directly shot at the player. Just in case not mentioning the blank time before all actors are spawned on it's wave. If the player are good enough about shooting with AK47 (only press the Fire but not to strafed) then they will finish it only for 6-7 minutes or less. If the player are normal maybe they will take for about 10 minutes. And
Added by nandack on Jul 27 2014, 08:48
4. Suggestion
I like the mission because of a gang war and shooting game. It will be better if you make an intro first at the begining of the mission means that you can make a conversation or something with the Da Nang Boys before they see that Rifas are coming to ambush. Yeah, put more cutscene just to show the player what actually happen before Rifas are suddenly coming and attacking your gang. Overall this mission is good, not too short but not too long, I like it.
Added by Huzaifa on Jul 27 2014, 10:33
Oh, thank you very much for your long. I highly appreciated this about a mission difficulty I completed my mission easily cuz I play many gang wars so now I was trained ;) just kidding. About a cutsenes so next time I'll try to add more cutsene and once again thanks for feedback :)
Added by ProDX34 on Jul 27 2014, 10:43
As a request :
Added by Huzaifa on Jul 27 2014, 11:01
Thank you very much ProDX34 :)
Added by GrooveX on Jul 29 2014, 09:45
A great gang war mission amazing :) 5/5

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