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Dark Skies: Mission 2 (ACT I)

By Rytuklis

Connor Archibald, a hard-working detective from Las Venturas, Northern Andreas, has been transferred to Los Santos Police Department on Captain Joshua Parker's request. Mysterious, over-dose related deaths keep turning up in the streets of the City of the "Saints", caused by a drug of an uknown origin, nicknamed "The Purple Death". Cody Miller, a long-working detective for the LSPD is not very happy about his new partner, but whatever he likes it or not, is forced to trust him with his journey to the dark artery of the city's organised crime.
Solve crimes, look for clues and put your brain to work. This mission pack will not be your ordinary "Go there, kill that" mission pack. In order to progress throughout the story, you'll have to analyse, search, think. Expierence the cold and dark story of two detectives lost deep in the city, having no-one but each other to trust, as the sky above them darkens.
DISCLAIMER: The song in this mission is composed and used by Rytuklis. Any unauthorised usage is violation of copyrights.


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