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GTA: The CRASH of Tenpenny Demo

By Astronauthead

Grand Theft Auto: The CRASH of Tenpenny

This demo was uploaded in May 29, 2015

The Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums, also known as CRASH, has been established to combat the risen gang activity in Los Santos. In reality, it was used to manipulate it.

Step into the shoes of Officer Jimmy Hernandez, a newly recruited member of the CRASH who actually want to stop gang violence but this honest cop must now gain Tenpenny's trust before exposing his dirty deeds

This is just a demo that includes the intro and the first three missions, i will release the full storyline of the first episode soon.

Inspired by The Tenpenny Stories and EFLC

[Edit March 12, 2017]
Hi guys, its been a while (almost 2 years) since I've updated thanks to PC problems and personal life but I want you to know that this project is not dead and I'm still working on this albiet slowly. An extended demo will be uploaded soon. Feedback of any form is appreciated.



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Added by Alessandro on Jul 29 2015, 13:10
l Give You 5 Star
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 31 2015, 07:53
What program did you use to fit the GTA logo there, and type: 'The Crash of Tenpenny' like that? with the red writing? you know what I mean.
Added by Astronauthead on Oct 31 2015, 10:31
I used a tool called PAINT.Net and just simply typed the GTA logo on a transparent background.
Added by Little Weasel on Apr 05 2016, 18:37
Hilarious, I was thinking a week before to design a Tenpenny stories but since you went ahead with it, I guess I'll have to think in other stuff.
Added by sedikitarek0 on Dec 08 2016, 21:53
Added by VanceDV on Apr 09 2017, 13:42
Good stoy bro!

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