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[MP] Medal of Honor Heroes 2 - Completed

By John David

JhanDave291 presents on you.

Medal of Honor (Heroes 2) - is a first-person shooter. Developed in EA Games. Sergeant Liteunant, a player soldier who trying to finish his jobs and missions.

June 6th 1944, War has broken into our hands, led by OSS Operative John Berg to infiltrate Normandy from behind enemy lines to undermine the Nazi regime called Germans. OSS are planning to annihilated all Germans, however, the germans planning something, we don't know what it is, but we might find out. Therefore, we must bust all their files as soon we can, they know we might find something there. Goodluck, Liteunant.

Required Mod:

Ambient Music: The Sound has been removed. Can't reupload!

Thank you for downloading my Full MP and Goodluck! Enjoy all these series.

Archive w/Sounds size: 11.0

New Season:
Medal of Honor: Heroes 3 - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43530


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PLAYMedal of Honor: Heroes 2 - [Trailer]John DavidNov 26 2016, 08:15
"Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 - [Trailer]"
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Added by Woodman on Dec 09 2015, 12:17
Should be play this!
Added by Jhan Dave on Dec 09 2015, 13:51
@Woodman - Thanks, tell me how do you feel :)
Added by QED on Dec 09 2015, 18:27
Amazing. I have no words. Best choice of World War 2 Nazis.
The Airborne costumes are looking exaclt like those ingame.
Added by Jhan Dave on Dec 10 2015, 11:08
@QED - Thanks, dude, really appreciated your feedback for this :)
Added by Jhan Dave on Jan 02 2016, 03:47
Thank you for giving this a MP a more feedbacks, i surely highly appreciated it ;)
Added by Nick on Jan 02 2016, 21:48
weapon sound please...
Added by Jhan Dave on Jan 03 2016, 07:43
@Nick - Weapon Sound? Man, i don't have a weapon sound! ;)
Added by Trilogy Games on Jan 16 2016, 00:35
5/5 Totally awesome!
Added by Jhan Dave on Jan 17 2016, 02:50
@Trilogy Games - Thanks again :)
Added by Jhan Dave on Jan 25 2016, 11:04
Thank you for all the feedbacks you give here to my MP. I sure hope you like this! :D
Added by eurylei on Feb 09 2016, 13:23
This is mission is good to play with FPS Mod :D
Added by Ronnie22-94 on Feb 24 2016, 13:19
I never played Medal of Honor Heroes 2 but the length could be longer also the difficulty was hard moreover it was a nice milirary storyline 4/5.
Added by Jhan Dave on Feb 25 2016, 08:01
@Ronnie22-94 - Thanks! ;)
Added by StradaBoy on Aug 06 2016, 10:20
Awsome 5/5
Added by Jhan Dave on Aug 08 2016, 03:44
@StradaBoy - Thanks :D
Added by StradaBoy on Aug 09 2016, 13:10
And by the way Medal Of Honor Released not EA Game that game developed by Dice,EA Published this game.
Added by Jhan Dave on Aug 10 2016, 03:58
I know, I've made my mistake writing there. Just nevermind it, it's been released this MP last year.
Added by Nafil on Sep 23 2017, 12:29
Good job

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