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[MP] Armored Warfare [Chapter #1]

By Husnain

Husnain Presents ''Armored Warfare''

This is the Story based on war between Russians and American. The Russians who killed San Andreas president and now they are trying to take over the whole of San Andreas and they success in this. The Russians are killing peoples of San Andreas and disaster everywhere. The Whole San Andreas in chaos and peoples are trying to hide from russians. But there a hope or not find out in Story.

[Remember]: This is first Chapter of Mission Pack. More will coming soon.

Here for more information about this go here:http://gtaforums.com/topic/830865-armored-warfare/

If you like it then give some rate and feedback your opinion about this Mission pack


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Added by Grand_Dyom on Nov 29 2015, 19:56
Amazing Bro.Very like it.5/5
Added by Mafia Games on Nov 29 2015, 22:29
Good, but have a bug in the first mission, a bug of interior. 4/5 Good Luck in the next Chapter!
Added by Husnain on Nov 30 2015, 07:04
@Grand_Dyom --- Thanks man i appreciate it

@Mafia Games --- I will fix it but rate for your rate and support i appreciate it
Added by Mc_Alex on Nov 30 2015, 10:39
I Give You 1 Star.
Added by Husnain on Nov 30 2015, 13:12
Dont rate this Shit on my mission Alssandro!
Added by DragonSlayer722 on Nov 30 2015, 17:47
Really good missions bro,5 stars.
Added by Husnain on Nov 30 2015, 18:31
@DragonSlayer722 -- Glad you like it :)
Added by Woodman on Nov 30 2015, 18:42
Honestly, pls do the coolest mission pack ever
Added by Husnain on Nov 30 2015, 18:50
New Screenshot Available
Added by Mc_Alex on Dec 01 2015, 11:00
| Give You 5 Star
Added by Husnain on Dec 01 2015, 13:12
Hey thanks man :)
Added by Husnain on Dec 01 2015, 14:04
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