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[MP] Battle San Fierro 2 - Completed

By John David

JhanDave291 presents on you "Battle San Fierro 2 (Fierro's Most Wanted)

Six months later, after the Spetsnaz Headquarters Base Zone have success to stop all the russians all over the area. A new unknown terrorist has making another invasion of San Fierro again on July 23, 1986. They working some kind of project trying to destroy San Andreas.

July 26, 1986, A new base for Spetsnaz Headquarters. Now it changes, it's called: North Wind Venturas Headquarters. Grekov Mateo, and Utopia Simile, are hero agents who stop all the russians last six months. But now a new war begins from a unknown terrorist.

[NOTE]: Special Recommended with Ambient Music:

Please leave a feedbacks and comments here. I worked so hard for this. Thank you!

Battle San Fierro [Season One]: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39943
Battle San Fierro [Final Season]: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44590

Stay tuned for more upcoming new missions! Have a nice day


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PLAYBattle San Fierro 2 - TrailerJohn DavidFeb 16 2018, 11:21
"Battle San Fierro 2 - Trailer"
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Added by eurylei on Mar 07 2016, 11:04
Wow :D a nice mission pack for the war theme for GTA san andreas DYOM
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Mar 07 2016, 11:15
So nice mission, I love it Jhan Dave.. please make more :).. I rate 5/5
Added by sh76boony on Mar 07 2016, 15:03
I love this mission pack Jhan Dave thanks for mading a hard work
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 08 2016, 07:46
Thanks, guys for your feedbacks for this. Show me your reviews about this MP ;) once again, thanks.
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 09 2016, 08:19
[News:]: Trailer will released on March 11, 2016
Thanks for advice. Don't forget to leave a comment and feedback after you played this ;)
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 11 2016, 15:17
Trailer has now released. Leave a feedback and comment here. Thanks :)
Added by Ronnie22-94 on Mar 18 2016, 12:23
That was absolutely better than Battle San Fierro 1.An awesome war MP and a nice story 5/5 mate!
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 19 2016, 12:56
@Ronnie22-94 - G, thanks for the highest feedback, bro. I really appreciated it ;)
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 19 2016, 12:59
Give a feedback for the trailer ;)
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 22 2016, 04:02
Hey guys, feel free to make your own gameplays and reviews if you want, just give this more feedback, thanks again ;)
Added by Zeyad on May 02 2016, 22:33
Surely I'll play it when my PC gets fixed :)
Added by Jhan Dave on May 03 2016, 03:47
Alright, looking for your feedback and your review about this :D
Added by Zeyad on May 13 2016, 15:18
5/5 :)
Added by Zeyad on May 13 2016, 15:27
@Jhan Dave - I Mean.. ''I Give You 5 Star'' :P, but i have a question, why at other missions you do ''?!'' instead of just ''!''
Added by Jhan Dave on May 15 2016, 11:56
Thanks, sorry for those "?!" because when i playing other games in my pc, i see some words like that.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback
Added by Zeyad on May 17 2016, 14:55
@Jhan Dave - It's okay bro :)
Added by MRDaris60 on Jun 09 2016, 18:48
Wow it is worth 5 stars!
Added by Jhan Dave on Jun 13 2016, 05:32
@MRDaris60 - thanks for your feedback, bro.
Added by Green Goo on Jan 26 2017, 18:22
It was beautiful and I can't believe that Utopia died, mostly lachrymose. 3/5 Star.

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