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[MP] Battle Los Santos - Completed + DLC

By John David

1999, on the first day of June. An attack on town was occured by the first day of June, led by Spetsnaz, special forces units of russia, taken over Los Santos and preparing to launch a surprise attack, People have overrun the whole town of Los Santos, a riot has happened. On the Natick Army Soldiers Systems Center (NASSC). a soldier, Carlisle Kenny, was one of the best soldier of NASSC. He was a best men and has a high accuracy that can perform tactical combat skills. And his friend, Jeffry Billy. One of Carlisle's partner. A commander of the NASSC, Lamont Tatton, ordered Carlisle Kenny and Jeffry Billy to infiltrate Los Santos and find out what's goin on to the town. Get all the information from the Spetsnaz Russia and transport it from Lamont Tatton.

Leader of Spetsnaz russia, Martin Denis. He's planning to create his project "Spiridus" A monster jet fighter that can destroy a whole city, causing an apocalypse to all town. Martin Denis right-hand, Yefrem Grigory. A mafia russia joined for Martin and has a very skilled tactical combat.

Refer to the topic here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/881214-mp-battle-los-santos/
Download Agent Kenny Skin here: https://www.mediafire.com/?47y048z7fuxq39r

Other Info:
DEMO Mission Pack is completed and ready to download.
Feel free to ask anything here or post a comment on the topic of the MP. So i can help for your questions.

Full MP will be uploaded in Mediafire due to DYOM Site Upload File Size Problem.

Download Full MP: https://www.mediafire.com/?95i9byy1f0yv80u

Initial Release Date - May 3, 2017
DLC Release Date - May 8, 2017


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Added by Green Goo on Feb 13 2017, 08:52
Looks really thriller! :D
Added by JhanDave291 on Mar 18 2017, 12:02
@Green Goo - Thanks.
Added by StradaBoy on Mar 21 2017, 11:40
4.5/5 Nice
Added by JhanDave291 on Mar 21 2017, 11:45
@StradaBoy - Thanks
Added by JhanDave291 on Mar 25 2017, 08:23
Trailer for Battle Los Santos has released.
Added by JhanDave291 on May 03 2017, 11:04
Full MP has completed and ready to download

DLC's now In-Progress
DLC Release Date: May 20, 2017
Added by The Gamer 6767 on May 03 2017, 14:21
Excellent Mission Pack Dude 10000/10000
Added by JhanDave291 on May 04 2017, 09:18
Changed the DLC's release date: May 8, 2017

@The Gamer 6767 - Thanks, man. Hope you enjoy this so much :)
Added by JhanDave291 on May 08 2017, 04:01
DLC's now available and ready to download. Replace it to the mission. Give it a feedback :D
Added by JhanDave291 on May 08 2017, 04:02
Also for the trailer, I need some feedback for it! That's all.
Added by zgames on May 08 2017, 16:14
how do you upload the missions if the dyom site is brocken?
Added by JhanDave291 on May 09 2017, 04:33
@zgames - Use other websites such as, MediaFire, Zippyshare, etc. That'll keep your missions unbroken/undamaged. Post the link to your mission and remind this to the people who downloads

DYOM Site is still broken, The admins is still currently inactive only.
Added by Green Goo on May 15 2017, 15:39
Amazing work you put on this project, Dave. I'm waiting for the next series. Keep up! 5/5
Added by JhanDave291 on May 17 2017, 05:10
@Green Goo - Thanks :D
Added by MyDawg on Apr 19 2018, 16:48
amazing work man!!!!! 5/5

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