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[SL] Carl johnson tales : the revenge

By Frightwing

This storyline is about what happened after the mission 'end of the line'.

Intro Story:
Sweet was just out of his home and jeffrey sniped him with a rifle. By killing sweet he took the revenge for dropping his rapping business (according to the main storyline, cj and madd dogg chased jeffrey and snatched the rhymes book from him). When cj arrived in grove street, jeffrey called the police and blamed cj for the murder. Cj was busted and he was in prison for many years. After few years, ken with the help of his old identity as a lawyer, helped in releasing cj from the jail.
Mission story:
while cj was in prison, ballas took over the hood of grove street. Cj need to provoke a 3 waved gang war to earn the hood as GSF hood. After that, madd dogg comes to meet cj and informs that his rhymes book is again stolen. Both of them doubt on jeffrey. They investigate the jeffrey's house and find that he has a girl friend namely louise. Later, they get to know that jeffrey is the new leader of the los santos biker gang. The bikers also launched attacks in graveyard to destroy sweet's grave but, cj handles the situation. Cj and madd dogg plans to kidnap louise to blackmail jeffrey but, they finds her already killed by jeffrey. Meanwhile, cj is trapped by the bikers in a warehouse but, cj manages to escape. On the other hand, bikers attacked madd dogg in his mansion. Cj runs there to rescue madd dogg but, he finds him already dead. Meanwhile, kendl gets kidnapped by the bikers but, cj and cesar tracks her cellphone and rescues her from the ocean docks. Ultimately, cesar and cj finds jeffrey's hideout and kills him in a car explosion with the help of explosives purchased from 8ball (from gta 3).

Special feature:
- after the last mission, you can explore the city. To end the storyline, you have to abort it by pressing Y + N.
- after the first mission, cj's house will be your safehouse. It will be marked by the 'safehouse' icon in the radar. You can save your progress by pressing Y + N.
- after the mission 'dogg in trouble', the madd dogg's crib will be also your safehouse. It will be also marked by the 'safehouse' icon in the radar. Those blips are for safehouse, not for missions.

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Added by BigBoy8 on Mar 16 2017, 11:40
lol u spoiled the whole storyline
Added by BigBoy8 on Mar 16 2017, 11:40
but still 5 stars :)

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