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Grand Theft Auto: South Hoods

By Mr. TongWah

Greetings, I am Mr. TongWah, and ever since I was a young child, I have dreamed of creating my own GTA and sharing it with the Community.
Download Ready!!!
But do not use the Chapter 1 in the game directory download.
Please use the "USE THIS CHAPTER 1" from the link of the Text file

Please read the Text Document to learn how to set up the game.
There are 3 Chapters to this Storyline
Chapter 1: Complete
Chapter 2: Under construction
Chapter 3: Not Started

After the events of GTA III, in the dark setting of Liberty City, gangs has increased the number of SPANK around the streets to gain some cash. However the Leaders compete with each other and try to sabotage the opposing team.
The South Side Hood gang has no connection with drug business but they are targeted by Mafia (Leones) because they believe that someone from the Hood has murdered their formal leader at the time. (Toni Cipriani) The Mafia constantly tries to take out the Hood gang, but the Hoods stand up for themselves.
As a young adult, with the name of Jefferey, you go and explore the streets of Liberty City to find out what the Mafia want from the South Side Hoods with the help of Colombian Cartel, Yakuza, and the Triads.

All Jefferey wanted was to run a gang of his own instead of sharing one with his brother, Brian. But he has no choice but to defend their own turf and not let the "Italian dogs" ruin his dreams.


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Added by Aftab Adeel on Mar 11 2017, 17:47
Hi there!
There's a weekly contest for dyom designers in which you have to make a mission according to some theme. Please join gtaforums to participate in it
http://gtaforums.com/forum /263-dyom/
Want to ask anything, simply comment in my profile.
Added by Mr. TongWah on Mar 22 2017, 19:32
Guys please don't download the game until I fix it. Thanks.
Added by Mr. TongWah on Mar 25 2017, 04:50
Ok guys, Downloads are ready have fun

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