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[DEMO] Bad Lands

By Green Goo


Bad Lands is a choice selection Mission Pack which allows players to make their own choices in the game. Year 2005 San Andreas, the city of insurgents always will be a revolutionary place. It has wicked people who always wants to rule it by themselves, but this time is different. Crazy sciences were testing some experiments on humans body, testing decayed blood to see what'll happen if a person live with rotten blood. These experiments created undead persons with addle and strong body, people named them mutants, these mutants were eating people without mercy. That incident kept up 10 years, and San Andreas became a dead city. 80% of San Andreas were infected with mutants, but the 20% of San Andreas weren't destroyed, it were safe places protected by the military. And here comes Paul's turn, a young clever and fearless person want to stay alive in this impairments. And your turn's to lead Paul out of this misery.

Advances & Genres:

Adventure - An Adventure Mission Pack series is therefore defined by its gameplay, unlike the literary genre, which is defined by the subject it addresses, the activity of adventure. Essential elements of the genre include storytelling, exploration, and puzzle solving.

Choice Selection - The Mission Pack series adapts to the choices you make, the story is tailored by how you choose your way.

Puzzle Occasions - Puzzle Mission Packs are a genre of video games that emphasize puzzle solving. The types of puzzles can test many problem-solving skills including logic, pattern recognition, sequence solving and etc.

Action - Action Mission Packs emphasizes physical challenges, in an action Mission Pack, the player typically controls the protagonist. The protagonist must navigate a level, collecting objects, avoiding obstacles, and battling enemies with various attacks.

Ambient Music - Engaging soundtracks to let you feel like you are in a real game.

Initial Release Date: 2017-2018

Alternative Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/k14eqenbq5kem9a/Archive.rar


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PLAYBad Lands: Teaser TrailerGreen GooMar 29 2017, 10:30
"Bad Lands: Teaser Trailer"
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Added by MRDaris60 on Mar 25 2017, 08:05
Looks good! I'm sure I'll play it when it's released!
Added by DYOMER 99 on Mar 28 2017, 14:17
Hello bro. The mission seems awesome ! I am eagerly waiting for the mission. Please upload it fast. :)
Added by Green Goo on Mar 28 2017, 15:29
Thanks for your feedback bro. My mission pack have at least 52 missions or most, so it'll be very hard to complete it all + the choices. But be patient for it. You can check the MP topic in gta forum, for informations.
Added by Irfan (Afan) on Mar 29 2017, 14:29
Too Much Perfect and Clear GamePlay Recording ever. 5/5 Bro... OK
Added by Irfan (Afan) on Mar 29 2017, 14:30
Which Software You are using to Record GamePLay.
Added by Green Goo on Mar 29 2017, 14:48
Thanks bro!
Added by darthblack66 on Apr 27 2017, 17:58
green goo anda a my profile que te hable sobre el temade que no anda la subida en esta pagina
Added by Green Goo on Aug 03 2017, 15:40
New DEMO has been released. Play 'N give supports, :D

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