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[DEMO] Bad Lands

By Green Goo

This is not just a zombie mission pack. The whole game is tailored by how players choose their ways. The story of this MP based on a person who want to stay alive at the riot in San Andreas who happened 10 years ago and coninue to the last moment. At year 2002 a riot in the heart of San Andreas happened, that riot was creating viruses who make the person eat people. The riot kept up 10 years and 80% of San Andreas destroyed during the attack of the mutants. They named it "Bad Lands".

Advances & Genres:

Advanture - The MP is based on a riot what it means that the whole game is adventuring.

Action - There is using guns in the game it means shooting, hiding, surviving.

Choice Selection - The MP series adapts to the choices you make, the story is tailored by how you choose your way.

Puzzle - This MP depends on puzzle occasions, not just shooting, running, hiding.

Ambient Music - Engaging soundtracks to let you feel like you are in a real game.

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PLAYBad Lands: Teaser TrailerGreen GooMar 29 2017, 10:30
"Bad Lands: Teaser Trailer"
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Added by MRDaris60 on Mar 25 2017, 08:05
Looks good! I'm sure I'll play it when it's released!
Added by DYOMER 99 on Mar 28 2017, 14:17
Hello bro. The mission seems awesome ! I am eagerly waiting for the mission. Please upload it fast. :)
Added by Green Goo on Mar 28 2017, 15:29
Thanks for your feedback bro. My mission pack have at least 52 missions or most, so it'll be very hard to complete it all + the choices. But be patient for it. You can check the MP topic in gta forum, for informations.
Added by Irfan (Afan) on Mar 29 2017, 14:29
Too Much Perfect and Clear GamePlay Recording ever. 5/5 Bro... OK
Added by Irfan (Afan) on Mar 29 2017, 14:30
Which Software You are using to Record GamePLay.
Added by Green Goo on Mar 29 2017, 14:48
Thanks bro!
Added by darthblack66 on Apr 27 2017, 17:58
green goo anda a my profile que te hable sobre el temade que no anda la subida en esta pagina

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