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driver san fierro pt 2 the story begins

By zgames

it has passed 3 years since Jericho was in jailed and left john to die but now they decided to transfer him to Alcatraz a prison in the middle of the ocean but Jericho menages to escape john is alive and his partner is Damian they find out that jericho has escaped and persude him when they about to enter a hallway jericho desapears and apears behind them jericho crashes the car where john and damian were damian survives but john gets in a deep coma but john in his mind his fine and thinks he has super powers now the ability to swithch bodies inside cars and outside and with his "power" he might know where jericho is and there is where the story begins .

(note there is a glitch when you get teleported to a taxy to fix that just get out the taxy and get in agin)


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Added by zgames on Apr 15 2017, 05:10
does the mission work? for yall it works for me coment so i can fix it.

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