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[DEMO] Civil War

By Green Goo

At year 1994 17th March, an attack happened to San Andreas. Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas were under attack of the Russian Red Section forces. After few days, Captain Mateo noticed that. And, Captain Mateo commissioned to take out all the Red Section of San Fierro. And either Sergeant Kenny in Los Santos and Commander Davison in Las Venturas. They created a team and named it "POTUN" (Protectors of the Union Nation). They worked as great team, and were about to seize the victory of San Andreas. The unknown Red Section leader was familiar to captain Mateo, and he wants to take a revenge or something like that. After months of fighting with each other, the president's right hand made an arrangement with the Russian to begin peace with each other. Most of people didn't like it, and most of them accepted it. Some of citizens create a teams and wanted to take out the president's right hand and bounce the Russians out of the state, and the rest of the citizens were protecting the Russians and the president's right hand. Who's going to win the "Civil War"?


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May 15 '17


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