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[MP] Bribed: Blood Money

By Green Goo


In this mission-pack you'll follow two stories, to character to play with. After years of working for the 'Lone Wolves' org led by the Las Venturas mafias, Lucas sent to San Fierro Downtown in order to murder Jimmy Marcus. He completed the assassination and got away alive. In taking his reward from the org boss, he got hit by the back by a mobster. He woke up in a slaughterhouse, and he understood that all this was a treachery to him. Is he going to live? In the day of the assassination, the experienced local detective, who work under the SAPD and has advanced instrument, Hudson Dan has awared of the murdering. He comissioned to find and arrest the murderer of Jimmy Marcus. Which is the overcome side?

Advances & Genres:

Action - Action Mission Packs emphasizes physical challenges, in an action Mission Pack, the player typically controls the protagonist. The protagonist must navigate a level, collecting objects, avoiding obstacles, and battling enemies with various attacks.

Character Selection - In this Mission Pack You'll have to choose "James Lucas" A professional murderer with high skills, who work for a guy leads a group named 'Lone Wolves' or "Hudson Dan" An experienced local detective, who work under the SAPD and has advanced instrument, to play with.

Mystery - The Mystery Mission Pack series is a type of fiction in which a detective, or other professional, solves a crime or series of crimes. It can take the form of a novel or short story. This genre may also be called detective or crime novels.

Multiple Languages - There will be English edition, Spanish edition, Polish edition, Russian edition, Portuguese edition for this Mission Pack.

Initial Release Date: September 11, 2017


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PLAYBribed: Blood Money - Main TrailerGreen GooSep 07 2017, 21:52
"Bribed: Blood Money - Main Trailer"
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Added by Vippers Boys: [VB] on Jun 16 2017, 07:55
Nice, it was a demo but very intersting loved it i played the Hudson Dan part that was incredible bro. very nice cutsence positions better gameplay desgin your were awesome in it. 5 stars for demo. Good Luck for the other mission parts. :D
Added by Green Goo on Jun 16 2017, 11:58
Thanks for the support, glad you liked it! :)
Added by Green Goo on Jul 21 2017, 16:56
The Initial Release Date has been announced.
Added by Green Goo on Sep 07 2017, 21:53
Watch now the Main Trailer of Bribed: Blood money fall in September 11th
Added by Green Goo on Sep 10 2017, 21:25
The full pack is now released, play it with bliss and enjoy it. Give some feedbacks or reviews, I need your support to keep up designing!

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