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Gangsters of the Los Santos [Beta] [R1]

By TheBoske560

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*The Beginning [r]
*This is not Over [R]
*A New Ballas [R]
*Attack on grove [R]
*The Revenge [r]
*The Park is Grove's [r]
*The Green Sabre [r]
*The Grove's Failure [r]

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*Beta Release 2- R.I.P Computer ... :(
*Pre-release - ...
*Full Release -...



Before the CJ appeared , there was 2 Grove Street Gangsters that were best friends , one day Mike got job from Sweet to cut the deal from Vagos and Russians , with him came Gerry and Jerry.They Took the money and was driving Jerry and Gerry Home. When Jerry left the car Gerry said he'd give money to Sweet. Mike accepted Gerry's idea. He came with Tony to see what's goin' on in Grove. Jerry attacked Tony and Mike. Gerry escaped. They killed Jerry and ran to the Javier's house Javier is Tony's Brother. Mike said that we will need some money , then we will join the ballas. That happend! Tony and Mike got a job from The Leader to find a man that he owes some money to The Leader. They took the money and gave to Leader! Mike Somehow got information that Gerry , the guy who took the money , is at cluckin' bell! They got there and after chasing , they killed him! A lot after that , the Glen park is attacked! Leader called Tony and they tried to stop them!After that , Tony got call from The Leader to deliver the Green Sabre to the Tenpenny. He did that and got some money. Tony , Mike and Javier got call from the Leader to meet him at the motel! He said the plan. They claimed the Ganton and that was The little End for Groves. --Story is continuing


There is a lot of Glitches in the Game , i didn't know how to fix them so tell me in comments how to!
Rate and comment if you have any suggestion tell me in comments!
By the way my Enlish is shit!

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