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James Parker Stories

By ZuluXRayVI

You follow the story of James Parker,the son of Ben Parker,a well known and powerful mafia boss,as he joins the army to save his father's life but something happens and James changes.Play to learn more.


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Jul 03 '17


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Added by Painted Cat on Jul 09 2017, 16:03
Congratolation with your 1st mission pack!
I liked your missions, but I saw some problems.
-they are short enough. The MP can be passed under 10 - 15 minuts
-In first mission, my radar has dissapeared for no reason and I can't get it back ;c
-Your allies in "We're under attack" are overpowered, they can easily kill enemies under 1 minute. You can just stand still, go to the kitchen and make some tea, when your allies doing your job :3
-In "Loose Ends" one russian soldier is OP.
Added by Painted Cat on Jul 09 2017, 16:04
-In "Loose Ends" one russian soldier is OP. He's got a lot of health and his shooting is very, VERY good.
-Also, (in same mission) about (Russian speaking russian...) you can place own text but you make it full of gray, just like in GTA IV or V.
And, Finally, about the bug. You can place actor with animation, instead of player, after it, you can teleport player on street, near to his house. (Unfortunately, I can help you with radar bug ;c)

Anyway, good job, keep it up!
Added by ZuluXRayVI on Jul 20 2017, 01:51
Thanks for the feedback,man.I'll try to make better mission packs next time.

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