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Cops Vs Tr {complete} [English]

By VandersonThe11

URGENT: If you are having problems downloading from the Dyom site, try to download the following links:

Game: https://mega.nz/#!dP5BXSwZ!Spkp2DMyoJ9eBSqFJrMbMMHteicOQlH8tvNsiscMr3U
                     The folder already comes with the included sounds.


The story is very simple because the focus of the mission are wars, in this story will have two views, the vision of Tr and the vision of the Cops, it is worth remembering that the visions do not mix, because the story is the same but each vision Makes her go a different direction. That is, if you are to play a vision, simply forget that the other vision exists.

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1- The audio of this mission is important, as it contains not only songs but varied sounds throughout the objectives.

2- Each vision has an SD folder, but if you use them in the wrong view it will work, but it will get messy and ruin everything, so it's important to put each SD folder In the Correct view.

3- As in every mission of mine, the folder will have a simple tutorial.

4- For you to pass these missions you need to have | CALMA | For many it can be easy and for others it is difficult.

5- I recommend reading the tips.

Tip: In these missions you are not the most | Strong | As in several missions in which you kill 10 Soldiers and receive only a few shots.
In this missions you need to move forward with your team and be very careful. But here are some tips:

1- You are not the | RAMBO | Do not go out killing like crazy

2- Killing enemies from afar is a good one.

3- The objects are in the scenario to be used then use {hide}

4- Your team advances alone without you, only 2 soldiers of the team accompanies you, that is, let your team fight.
Most of all, take it easy, if you are stressed, close and play when you are calm, because for many it can be easy and for others not so much.
                            Good Game
                          VERSION ENGLISH


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