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Silence Scream - Chapter 1

By Venom_Bro

Story: In year 2002, a guy named Alan Harrison traveled from California to Los Angeles, he went to a small village near Red County town. Alan was a rich guy, he was a narrator in America that works in Electronic Arts games company, mostly a story writer. Then I day came and he went to that village and stayed there and continued his vacation. But, that village wasn't a normal village, it was cursed, by an exorcist. Afterwards when Alan was in a motel, he went out to buy some food then he realized that nobody was in the village, some wind came and he swooned down, and went to his miserable nightmare. Alan was the only person who had a certain spirit and the others were haunted by the demonic possession. Alan's spirit was a pure soul and that's what the evil demons want from him. Follow this horror story to see what'll happen to Alan and the ghosted village.

Note: Always download the SD links given down there!

NOTE: This is the first Silence Scream, not the second one.


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Added by Green Goo on Jan 05 2018, 08:30
4 Stars from me brother, keep up the excellent work buddy! ;D
Added by JAX on Sep 29 2018, 13:41
4 stars too from me Venom

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