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[FCS] Chapter 1 - Small Sandy Town

By Martin Strada

SL Uploaded: November 19th
Storyline Status: W.I.P. (Work in Progress)

Chapter 1: Completed
Chapter 2: Work in Progress

,,Fort Carson once thought to be a small sandy town, but deep under the sand, lies crime so cold. It withers the blood and freezes the blood.''

Martin Strada Presents

Fort Carson: Stories

Hello guys, welcome to my first gangster's mission pack called: Fort Carson Stories There's will be 6 chapters of this MP, I still don't know, how much missions will be. So check more for many instructions.

Scyler Jarnson is a kid, who's is a gangbanger in Fort Carson town, he likes killing people, even the gangs: The Red Bloodz, El Diablos. He doesn't care about his father's job, Scyler wants to create a gang with his partners, but the problem is, Scyler's Father, Charles, don't want the son to be a criminal, but Scyler doesn't listen to his father.
His journey will be a long time.

Mission Series changed to storyline
You can play as two playable characters
New DYOMtemp.txt
It will be 6 Chapters.
The 4th mission ''Mysterious Guy'' is remade with new objectives and actors.

1996, Fort Carson
Fort Carson Becomes worst town. Full crime and violence.
Scyler Jarnson is a 21 years old kid, whos wanted to be ice cold killer or gangsta. He cares about fight some bad guys and kills everyone. The Red Bloodz and El Diablos want to take over all the town with blood and extortion.
But Scyler creates a new gang called: The Green Bullets. While he creating the gang, everyone is learning the streets and take over all places.
Scyler didn't take personal, but an opportunity to become ice cold killer of The Green Bullets and rise of the Most Wanted men in Fort Carson, he made it, but in a different way.


1. Fort Carson, the worst town
2. Showing Respect
3. Sneaky Gangsta
4. Mysterious Guy
5. Nines and Guns
6. Explosive Situation
7. The Chase
8. Trash Talk
9. Disguise Time
10. Big Boom!
11. V.I.P.
12. Car Steal
13. Turismo
14. Parties Over!
15. Strong Bullet
16. Home Invasion
17. Bridge's Rise
18. Kick them out!
19. Barracks
20. Defense
21. Angry Neighbour
22. Grand Theft Auto
23. Doberman
24. Drugs!
25. Plan A
26. New Partners
27. Learning the Streets
28. Ronnie's in Trouble
29 Under Attack
30. The Green Bullets


Required Mods:


Martin: For making this MP
Dutchy3010 and PatrickW: For making a mod: DYOM (Design Your Own Mission)
Drumbolo: For making those skins.
Rockstar North: For making the game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Mission Details:

Total Chapter 1 Missions: 30
Longest Mission: The Chase
Big Warzone Mission: Under Attack
Best Mission: Drugs!!
Shortest Mission: Plan A
Most Objectives Used Mission: Fort Carson, the worst place.


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Jan 19 '18


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PLAYF.C.S. Demonstrational GameplayMartin StradaNov 22 2017, 18:51
"F.C.S. Demonstrational Gameplay"
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PLAYF.C.S. Reveal GameplayMartin StradaNov 22 2017, 18:52
"F.C.S. Reveal Gameplay"
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Added by Martin Strada on Nov 19 2017, 12:50
Don't forget to play it and rate it!
Added by Soap Mactavish on Dec 15 2017, 09:59
Nice missions 4/5 brother!
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 15 2017, 12:32
Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.
Added by GuerreroX on Dec 20 2017, 15:29
5/5 cuz is having bombs and good writing and nice cutscenes!contineu like that holmes.
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 21 2017, 13:14
Thanks, dude. I really appreciate it.
Added by IsiX123 on Dec 22 2017, 18:02
Finished the first chapter of my storyline coming soon.
Gonna try it,expect a comment from me tomorrow
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 23 2017, 10:55
A'ight, please turn off the frame limiter. It's recomended for a lot of bugs.
Added by GuerreroX on Dec 23 2017, 18:54
Hey martin!i forget how to play This SL...go to Test Storyline?When i press it is just show intro then everything gone....i wanna play this SL Again! is cool.
Added by StradaBoy on Dec 23 2017, 20:20
Whats gone? Try it again.
Added by IsiX123 on Dec 24 2017, 17:59
sorry im late. 4.9/5 (screw it,5/5)
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 25 2017, 09:50
Thanks man, I hope you really like it.

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