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Chris Story (Demo Version)

By LODoesGames

Chris Story
Work in Progress
San Fierro one guy called Chris he lost his job,house everything But he wants a new life adventures
And wants become richest guy in San Fierro. So he's doing favours helps gangs.And then this happens.
Chris:The main protagonist
Mark:Guy who give Chris jobs
Franklin:Chris best friend
Martin:Chris cousin
Christopher:Chris biggest Enemy
Jack:Second biggest Enemy
George:Chris brother
David: Good guy who gives Chris Jobs
Alex:Chris helper
Micheal:RazorGaming friend
San Fierro Rifa:Most Dangerous Gang in Doberty
San Fierro Triads:Most Dangerous Gang Since 2017
1.Chris Story intro (None difficulty)
2.First Job (Esay)
3.The Rifas Shot (Medium)
4.Triads (Hard)
5.Downtown Race (Easy-Medium)


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Added by Martin Strada on Jan 16 2018, 07:23
Played the DEMO and this is my review:

Pros: +
1) Good object placement
2) Good actor placement
3) Good Race development
4) Passable Shootouts
Added by Martin Strada on Jan 16 2018, 07:25
Cons: -
1) Poor story and character development
2) Forgot to hide actors and a car, when someone stealed it.
3) Killing Rifa members is not Rifa gang members, it was Aztecas. (reminds me a mission to my storyline Reclaim The Need).
Added by Martin Strada on Jan 16 2018, 07:27
Overall, the storyline looks decent, the story needs to be improved, even I forgot the 4th con which is Poor Writing, cuz you need to make a longer text, you adding those words like Alright. I got it. ok. thanks. I want you to make a longer writing.
Added by Martin Strada on Jan 16 2018, 07:27
And the stars you will get: ★★★/★★★★★ - Decent.
Added by Mikul on Jan 23 2018, 16:25
it really has poor story...

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